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09th Feb 2018

Seven Exciting Things Your Poor, Sad Single Friends Can Do In Dublin This Valentine’s Day


Know anyone who will be feeling left out this Valentine’s Day? While everyone else is off doing couple things, will this friend of yours be at home washing down a full tube of Pringles with a bottle of wine and watching a Netflix series about serial killers?

Ah, the joys of single life.

As great as that plan sounds, maybe there could be a better alternative, one that’s less mopey and a helluva lot more fun.

We’ve teamed up with Circle, a peer-to-peer payment company that lets you send money to mates as easily as sending a text, to give away dinner and drinks for you and three single friends at Delahunt this Valentine’s Day. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page for a chance to bag that prize.

Or if you just want a few mate date suggestions for the most romantic day of the year, check out the options we’ve assembled below…

Scene + Heard Festival at Smock Alley

One for the theatre goers among you.

Kicking off on February 14 and continuing until March 3, this celebration of new work at Smock Alley offers a plethora of shows for you to enjoy, like the story of an agoraphobic travel blogger in Waiting For WiFi, a comedic exploration of IKEA in BILLY, a murder mystery in The Baby Greg Conundrum and more.

The performances are set to be so engrossing that the singleton’s heartache at not receiving a Valentine’s card this year will be temporarily banished. We think.

Click HERE for more info.


An evening at this Smithfield barcade is always one well spent.

In these casual surroundings you’ll be able to chow down on award-winning grub, take your pick from a mahoosive selection of craft beer and don’t even get us started on their retro video games. For our money, the best on offer have to be Mariokart and the dancing machine.

We always find that enjoying an evening of simple childhood pleasures is a great way to forget about the emptiness of an adulthood spent alone.

Click HERE for more info.

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Iron & Wine at The Helix

This American musician comes to Dublin as part of his Beast Epic tour.

The thoughtful artist is obsessed with the way in which time affects the body and the mind and his music can’t help but strike a bittersweet chord with those who hear it.

Singletons who listen to him perform live will surely nod their heads appreciatively, really being able to get all those melancholic lyrics.

Click HERE for more info.

Bun Cha

Why not visit a restaurant you’ve probably never tried before?

Bring a little dinner club along to this Vietnamese restaurant that just opened on Moore Street in December, which offers some of the most authentic Southeast Asian cuisine in the city.

Pro tip: come in a group of four and you can secretly pretend this is a romantic double date.

Click HERE for more info.

Bun Cha

Thelma & Louise at The Light House

Enjoy this cinematic classic on the big screen at the Smithfield cinema.

Directed by Ridley Scott, the film tells the story of two heroines who find themselves on the run from the law after becoming accidental criminals.

The beauty of a trip to the movies is that the screening takes place in an extremely dark room, making it so much easier to pretend you’re on an actual date.

Click HERE for more info.

After The End at The New Theatre

Should you wish to indulge your more sophisticated side.

This political thriller is set in a bunker, where Mark and Louise are taking shelter following the explosion of a suitcase bomb. With food, a knife and Dungeons & Dragons, the pair must wait for help to arrive.

The show examines the role of the media and the use of fear in modern politics, things which are on everyone’s mind in a post-Trump world.

Once your mind is preoccupied with all those heavy themes, you’ll be far too distracted to worry about the inevitability of dying alone.

Click HERE for more info.


Anseo Comedy Club

Because you just can’t go wrong with something funny.

Upstairs at Anseo on Camden Street you’ll find a room where comedy is performed in a rather intimate setting i.e. a tiny room. You can expect booze, audience participation, awkward moments and all-round good times.

You’ll laugh so hard that the loneliness will disappear for almost an entire evening.

Click HERE for more info.

Comedy Club

OR you can let us pay for your Valentine’s Day activity

In all seriousness now, if you and your mates have nothing planned for February 14 we want to hook you up with dinner and drinks for four people at Delahunt, courtesy of the folks at Circle. Because they’re lovely.

Circle is ideal for instantly splitting bills, paying back your friend for a drink or repaying that taxi from the night before.

For your chance to win this whopper prize, simply enter by using the box below. Best of luck!