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21st Sep 2017

Calling All Chocaholics – This Is The Ultimate Prize


Most people will agree that taste is everything. From the gal who can instantly pull an outfit together and look chic in no time, to that old friend whose obscure music choices always gets the gang up dancing, having taste is a serious skill to possess.

Just like the joy of finding the perfect tunes for your party after weeks scrawling Spotify, or discovering a new French cheese in your local market that’s made for grilled sambos, Galaxy knows the importance of pursuing pleasure and if something pleasurable is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Great taste and quality instantly brings to mind the silky smooth taste of Galaxy, which is why we’ve teamed up with the chocolatiers to discover that lucky person who has the best taste in Dublin.

We’re asking you to nominate the people in your life who have exceptionally good taste (and yes, you can nominate yourself!), including an example of a quality recommendation from your good taste guru – we’re craving allll the insider taste tips on style, music, movies, cafes, and more.

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For Galaxy, taste is everything when it comes to quality chocolate, so to reward the winner for their enviable good taste, they’ll receive a ginormous Galaxy hamper filled with all their favourite silky smooth chocolates.

Don’t be shy in sharing your insider tips about great taste (sharing is caring), and after all, #TasteIsEverything …