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17th Apr 2019

Four Delish Ways To Make A Truly Epic Fish Finger Sandwich

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fish finger sandwich: so simple, yet so very satisfying.

If you’re craving a dish this evening that’s positively bursting with flavour, look no further than this staple sambo.

It’s quick and easy to make, but more importantly you can dress it up in loads of ways and have some fun with it. The taste possibilities are basically endless.

To help you narrow down all those delish options, we’ve put together four ways to whip up a super fish finger sambo to impress your mates with zero effort.

You can thank us later.

1. The classic Birds Eye Fish Finger Sandwich

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the original.

I mean, come on. Doesn’t the very idea of flaky fish fingers smothered in tartare sauce and ketchup on fresh bread put a smile on your face?

So simple, so elegant, so tasty.

2. Birds Eye Fish Finger Taco

The delicious worlds of Birds Eye and Mexican food collide in the best way possible with this beaut.

Once you’ve given this one a whirl, you’ll wonder how you managed to live without combining fish fingers and salsa before.

What better way to spice up your life?

3. Birds Eye Fish Finger Bap

Here’s one for the avocado lovers out there… which is everyone.

This zesty little number is a treat for the taste buds and is ready in mere minutes. Can’t ask for much better than that, folks.

Do yourself a favour and whip it up ASAP.

4. Birds Eye Fish Finger Quesadilla

Another twist on a Mexican classic.

If the idea of combining tortilla, cheese, sweetcorn, salsa and fish fingers doesn’t set your world on fire, you obviously haven’t had the pleasure of trying it yet.

No joke, my belly is rumbling out loud just looking at this masterpiece.