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30th Apr 2019

Get Your Office On A Health Buzz With These Fab Boxes Of Fruit And Healthy Treats

Brian Dillon

Snacking at the desk is probably a habit most of us have. Listen, the hours between breakfast and lunch can be long. And THEN there’s the period between lunch and dinner. Sometimes we need a little something in between just to keep us going. But we don’t want to snack and something that isn’t too healthy.

And sometimes you just don’t have time to pop to the shop, or there isn’t even a shop near you.

Well, the guys over at Nudie Foods have got you covered. You and your work pals can seriously up your workplace wellbeing with these delightful boxes of fruit, milk, treats and other healthy goodness. The Nudie Foods team provide a fab service to all of us office folk in Dublin by delivering these boxes right to our workplace.

Their standard boxes only cost €20 and include 45 pieces of fruit like bananas, apples, pears, plums, peaches, easy peeler clementines and nectarines.

You can add berries and grapes to your box for just an extra €3, and delivery is free!

They also have a medium fruit box (70 pieces) for €30, a large box (90 pieces) for €38, an extra large box (120 pieces) for €50, and a whopping jumbo box (160 pieces) for €65.

And it’s not just delicious fruit that you can have dropped to your office. Nudie Foods also deliver snacks such as vegan snickers, peanut butter protein balls and cashew coconut flapjacks supplied by their mates at Hapi Food Co. So you know it’s good.

Delivery of their healthy treats start from €3.08 and milk can be delivered from €1.25, or €2 if you would prefer their Alpro dairy free options. You can also order bottled water and boxes of Fulfil bars. We feel healthier already!

Owner Paul and his team visit fruit markets in the wee hours of the morning to make sure they get the best, freshest fruit and then pack it into boxes before starting deliveries at 4 am. So you know you’re not getting just any supermarket standard fruit. This stuff is super fresh.