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03rd Aug 2017

Here’s What It’s Really Like Getting Laser Hair Removal


One of the most trying things about hair removal that I’ve found over the years was the endless, painful ingrown hairs and my sensitive Irish skin being ripped apart by hot wax strips.

I was a fiend for waxing my legs at any given opportunity — loving the feeling of smooth skin every time, but dreading what they’d look like the following few days, knowing that bumps, redness and ingrown hairs were on their way. 

A friend recommended laser hair removal to me, as she’d sworn that she hadn’t seen an ingrown since she started, so I thought I’d give it a go. 

I headed to Thérapie on Molesworth Street for a consultation and patch test to confirm that my skin and hair were suitable to the treatment.

I was told that most people are but the girls inside spoke candidly with me, asking every question under the sun I had about the treatment ahead. 

They told me not to worry and quickly patch tested my underarm. To my surprise, I felt absolutely nothing. 

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I continued getting my legs and underarms treated six times, four weeks apart each time. 

After one session, I was told that I’d notice up to 30% of hair falling out in the shower without regrowth. I couldn’t believe the difference after just one go. 

Never again would I pay overpriced waxing fees, miss patches while I shaved in the shower or worry about what state my legs were in before deciding what to wear in the morning. 

Four sessions in and I can now boast no more red bumps, no more ingrown hairs and legs that I’ve had out all summer long — with no fear of any patches, unwanted marks or reactions that I’d previously experienced with other hair removal methods.

Sound like something you need in your life?

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