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12th Sep 2017

Did You Spot This Massive Crater On South King Street?


While many of us went about our usual routines last week of waking up and sleepily heading off to work, people walking down South King Street were in for a HUGE surprise.

As in, ginormous crater on the ground kinda huge surprise.

A giant crater appeared overnight, but don’t panic: It wasn’t real. The clever crater was in fact street art by Avonmore Balance, created with the help of talented artist Mark Cronin, who designed the crater, to help the people of Dublin discover their balance.

NEW Avonmore Balance Milk is a low fat milk, fortified with extra protein (30% more than standard milk), iron and vitamins to help put back in what life takes out. Life has never been busier and maintaining balance can sometimes be tough, but thanks to Avonmore Balance milk, and this crater art, achieving that all important balance has just gotten easier.

Avonmore 1
Avonmore 2

Afraid of heights? You would have wanted to approach this thing with caution, because it looks seriously realistic. We bet this made for some deadly Instagram pics to scare the bejaysus out of people’s followers… We’re already thinking of daredevil poses we could have done.