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15th Aug 2018

Heading To The Big Grill? This Is The One Menu You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

James Fenton

Europe’s biggest BBQ & Craft Beer festival is coming back to Ballsbridge as pitmasters from Ireland, the UK and beyond descend on Herbert Park with a mouthwatering blend of tastes, smells and flavours.

The fifth annual edition of The Big Grill takes place over the weekend of August 16 to 19, bringing with it a whole host of fire and smoke specialist chefs. Visitors will be able to sample a wide range of international BBQ flavours as well as learn all about barbecuing, grilling, smoking, vegetables, and which drinks go best with which meats and delicacies.

There will be ample opportunity to try out lots of different menus but if you’re the owner of a coveted ticket, there’s one which is definitely likely to catch your eye, nose and tastebuds.

To celebrate Wild Lager by Heineken featuring at The Big Grill, Heineken Ireland has partnered with one of Ireland’s most exciting and dynamic chefs, Michelin Star winner JP McMahon to create The Wild Lager Menu.

Screen Shot 2018 08 02 At 13 09 49

So what’s it all about?

Wild Lager by Heineken stemmed from a quest to find new flavours from across the world using yeast from all corners of the globe.

With tastes ranging from refreshing citrus hints to warm spicy tones, Wild Lager comes in in following two varieties:

Wild Lager Patagonia (H41) – A full-bodied lager with spicy notes balanced by subtle hints of fruit. 5.3% ABV.

Wild Lager Himalayas (H32) – A crisp and refreshing lager tinged with a hint of citrus. 5.1% ABV.

What’s on the menu?

Using wild and foraged Irish produce and ingredients, the creation is a four-dish tasting menu inspired by each lager’s country of origin.

To pair with Wild Lager Patagonia, JP created a succulent rib-eye steak with wild garlic pesto and roasted hazelnuts dish….

Screen Shot 2018 08 02 At 12 04 10

While with Wild Lager Himalayas, JP prepared mouth-watering Monkfish with asparagus and woodruff…

Screen Shot 2018 08 02 At 13 01 12

These amazing dishes at the Wild Lager bar within The Big Grill will be available to try on August 16, 17, 18 and 19 while JP himself will be serving them up all day Thursday the 16th.

Screen Shot 2018 08 02 At 13 04 08