Here's The Ultimate Dublin Street Art Crawl

By Lovin' Media

July 12, 2019 at 3:59pm



When you live and work in Dublin, it can be easy to become desensitised to the things that make our city truly unique.

And one of those things is the fantastic street art that is dotted around the city. You probably pass some form of street art on your way to and from work every day, but how often do you actually take in the sheer beauty of it?

There are certain spots around the city where the most eye-catching and thought-provoking street art can be found, so we've put together a handy route that you can follow to check it all out.

1. Portobello

This is going to be your starting point for your trail.

You're going to begin at Richmond Row, where you'll be able to admire the beautifully colourful swan mural.


Then, on Longwood Avenue, you'll catch a glimpse of the amazing David Attenborough mural.


On a sunny day, there will be loads of people hanging out here enjoying the good weather, and the atmosphere is fantastic.

2. The Bernard Shaw

Now, most Dubs have been out to the Bernard Shaw for pints more times than they can count. But this time, you're going to make a brief stop off to admire the fabulous artwork.

It's seen its fair share of pieces popping up over the years, all of which have been as interesting and attention-grabbing as the next.



3. Peter's Place

Then, it's well worth your while taking a tiny detour to Peter's Place, where there seems to always be a new piece of art popping up.



4. Camden Street

Once you're back on the main route, continue up Camden Street towards town and you'll spot the 'U Are Alive' piece by famed artist Maser.

It acts as a really nice reminder to get out there and seize that day.


5. Love Lane, Temple Bar


Now you're going to continue on for a good while down Aungier Street and George's Street until you reach Temple Bar, where you'll find the Love Lane, a.k.a Crampton Court, linking Dame Street and Essex Street.

Not only are the walls painted, but the ground is also complete with painted hearts. But what is really special about this spot is the tiles on the walls with messages of love.




6. The Liberties

Next, you're going to swing up to one of Dublin's most quirky cultural quarters, The Liberties. Areas around Dublin 8 boast some fairly captivating pieces.




7. Smithfield

The fantastic street art of Dublin doesn't stop south of the Liffey.

Next, you should cross over onto the glorious Northside to see the magnificent street art around the Smithfield area.

Some super interesting pieces are always popping up around this area, and if you revisit, it's likely there'll be something new for you to feast your eyes upon.




8. Phibsborough

If you fancy extending your street art trek a little longer, there are some fairly interesting things to see around the Phibsborough area.

Most notably, the Katie Taylor mural at The Back Page.



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