Here's Your Chance To Prove Your Local Is The Best – Vote For The Best Takeaways Around Ireland Now

Let's settle this battle once and for all

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Your chipper needs YOU

The JUST EAT National Takeaway Awards of 2016 are here – and if ever your vote has been important, it's right now, when you can decide the fate of your favourite local takeaway.

You can also win a year's worth of takeout food, just by voting. 

Can you imagine? Every dream come true. 

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The categories include...

Best Takeaway in Ireland, Best Takeaway in Dublin, Best Takeaway in Leinster, Best Takeaway in Munster, Best Takeaway in Connaught, Best Takeaway JUST EAT Reviews, Best Chinese, Best Indian, Best Thai, Best Pizza, Best Chipper, Best Mexican, Best Japanese, Best American, Best Healthy Takeaway, Best Lunchtime Takeaway, Best Spice Bag, Best Salad and Ireland's Favourite Dish. 


We obviously have our own opinions on each and every one of these categories – being the takeaway fanatics that we are – but it's up to you, the public, to decide. 

We'd recommend pulling up a laptop and ordering a few of your favourites, y'know, just to be sure that they're still good! It's all in the name of research, after all. 

How to vote

Once you've decided what's getting your vote – head on over to and let the world know by sharing your verdict on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat @justeatIE.