H&M launch brand new collab with Irish artist Sean Atmos

By Lovin' Media

May 12, 2022 at 10:39am



It only takes a quick stroll through Dublin to see that our city has no shortage of incredible artists producing some pretty amazing work.

In recent years, Dublin has transformed into something of a street art gallery, with new and captivating murals appearing constantly.

Sean Atmos is one such artist who has spent the last few years bringing colour and design to Dublin's streets. It's likely you've seen his unique murals decorating the likes of Ranelagh, Portobello, Temple Bar and Grand Canal over the last few years, and they really are something to behold.

If you're not familiar with Sean's work, the Dublin based multidisciplinary artist began back in 2006 in graffiti, with his work ranging from large city murals to smaller indoor panels to individual paintings.


Now, Sean's latest venture is a collaboration with H&M, where Dublin's art scene and fashion will collide.

As a long-standing pillar of Dublin's community, H&M are committed to supporting the city's cultural scene by giving local artists an opportunity to showcase their work. Seán's work will soon be seen decorating H&M's flagship Dublin store to celebrate the launch of their new membership programme.

Speaking about his upcoming collab with H&M, Sean says, "Support from brands like H&M is refreshing. It's important to have creative freedom when working with a brand. It's a direction more brands should take when working with artists and designers alike. Providing a space and platform for artists to create is positive and it can be really difficult to come across that in Dublin these days."

Sean's style is distinct and easily distinguished. He uses the base of typography in his work as a method of communication. He creatively abstracts the rigid forms and shapes of graphic lettering to create a distinct visual language that is accessible to all.


This visual language is represented through a series of hand-painted overlays that result in a geometric landscape for viewers to decode, something which you've likely seen around the streets of Dublin before.

Speaking about how his art has evolved over the years, he says: "When I started I would paint quite abstract letterforms that were heavily influenced by graffiti, but I was never happy with the direction any of it was going. It was difficult to apply that style to murals or studio work.

"I wanted to separate the two and I became really interested in typography. I started to notice some slight similarities and this has heavily influenced my style and approach. I love grid systems and pieces in their raw form before completion. My art has changed a lot but I think it's been a really natural transition."


His new collab with H&M is to celebrate the recent launch of their totally free membership programme in Ireland, with some amazing deals for anyone that signs up.

Launching on Thursday 12 May, members will be able to avail of a whole host of benefits both in-store and online, including free delivery, exclusive offers, event invitations and partnership deals.

The H&M membership is different to other loyalty programmes, as you don't just get rewarded for purchases. You also receive rewards for sustainable commitment, such as bringing in old clothes for H&M's garment collection, bringing your own bag when shopping and choosing products made from sustainable materials.

You can join today on hm.com, on the H&M app or at any H&M store. Once registered, you'll have access to a world of fashionable benefits including a welcome offer on your first purchase and free delivery when you spend €20. Ideal!

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