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11th Jun 2020

How to make a simple and delicious Lillet Rosé Spritz at home

Brian Dillon

Summer is officially here. And with National Rosé Day this Saturday, you know what that calls for: a delicious summer drink.

Available from O’Briens Wine, Lillet is the classic aperitif from Bordeaux. Lillet comes from a subtle blend of wine and fruit infusions. At only 17% ABV, Lillet is ideal for those looking for a low alcohol drink. You might consider Lillet the ultimate summer spritz.

With a smooth, fruity taste, Lillet’s delicious blend of carefully chosen wines and fruit infusions transports you to the seaside.

Every year, Lillet carefully selects the best fruits, fruit peels and barks for their freshness and aromatic richness; sweet oranges from Turkey, Spain or Morocco, bitter oranges from Haiti, and quinine from South America. These are blended with red or white wine and other secret ingredients to create this delicious aperitif. Lillet Rosé is bottled directly to keep its freshness and lightness.

Ideal for creating the ultimate summer feel, Lillet is best enjoyed as a spritz, and the Lillet Rosé Spritz is the prettiest cocktail you’ll see this summer. Creating the ultimate Insta-worthy moment, during a summer barbeque or an al fresco evening meal at home, Lillet Spritz is beautifully presented and super easy to make at home.

The Lillet Rosé Spritz is light, fruity and low in alcohol, making it the perfect summer cocktail to relax at home with and for get-togethers with friends.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

50ml Lillet Rosé
100ml premium tonic water
Slice of lime
Sliced strawberry

And the method is so simple:

Pour the chilled Lillet Rosé into a large wine glass full of ice cubes. Add the tonic water and stir gently. Garnish with lime and strawberry.

This summer Lillet in partnership with Fever Tree Tonic are running an in-store promotion at O’Brien’s nationwide. Lillet Rosé and Fevertree 50cl Light Tonic (while stocks last) all for €25 giving you the perfect excuse to Spritz this summer.

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