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29th Apr 2020

How to make stunning barista style coffee (and cocktails!) at home

Brian Dillon

How to make stunning barista style coffee at home

What if we told you that you could enjoy gorgeous barista-style coffee at home? That grabbed your attention, didn’t it?

We have teamed up with the guys from De’Longhi to show you how.

We noticed a massive amount of interest when we ran a competition for one of De’Longhi’s Dinamica Plus fully automatic bean to cup coffee machines. So, we decided to show how you can use one of these amazing machines to create a stunning coffee experience at home.

Here are six gorgeous ways to enjoy barista-style coffee (and cocktails) at home.


Starting off with a classic, we have a Cafelatte. The only ingredients you need is fresh espresso coffee from your machine and milk. This one is made up of three parts milk, one part milk foam and one part espresso.

How to make stunning barista style coffee at home


Super simple! Start your day with a shot or two of gloriously fresh espresso from your machine and add hot water.


Orange Coffee

If you’ve never had an orange coffee, then you definitely need to try it.

You’ll need 30 ml of espresso coffee, one spoon of minced orange, one shot of cognac, whipped cream and sugar (to taste). Mix together coffee and sugar, minced orange and Cognac then add the whipped cream and an orange peel.

Rosemary Tonic

A beautiful mocktail with refreshing herbal notes and a hint of rosemary.

You’ll need 25ml of espresso, 100ml of tonic and three springs of rosemary. In a highball glass, muddle rosemary with coffee and slowly pour coffee over the top.

Espresso Martini

We’re missing espresso martinis as much as we’re missing our favourite coffee shops right now. Well, here’s how to make a gorgeous one at home.

Gather your ingredients: 50ml of vodka, 40ml of espresso liquor, 25ml of Kahlula Coffee Liqueur and 10ml of sugar syrup.

Iced Coffee

The days are getting warmer. So grab your sun lounger, your favourite book and treat yourself to a stunning (yet easily made) iced coffee.

You need four shots of espresso, four teaspoons and 12 cubes of ice. Crush the ice and add to the pre-sugared coffee. Shake in a shaker until a frothy, creamy mixture is obtained.

Irish Coffee

We simply had to include this one on the list. Is there anything more comforting than an Irish coffee? And it’s super simple to make at home.

You need 30 ml of coffee, two teaspoons of sugar, one shot of Irish whisky and one teaspoon of cream. Put the sugar into the glass and melt it with a little part of hot coffee. Add the whiskey and the remaining coffee. Then, overlap with a teaspoon of cream and enjoy!

How to make stunning barista style coffee at home

These are just some of the gorgeous ways to enjoy barista-style coffee at home with a de’Longhi coffee machine.

Whether it’s an American in the morning to kick off your day or a cappuccino on a Sunday afternoon, this coffee will make you feel like you’re in your favourite local coffee shop while you’re at home.

For more stunning inspiration for barista-style coffee at home, check out De’Longhi on Instagram.