'If A Product Starts Doing Well, He'll Stop Selling It As It Will No Longer Be Exclusive Enough'

Federico Riezzo – the man formerly behind Coppa Café – is on a mission to discover what makes Italy so special


“If there is a discernible food trend in Italy right now," says Federico Riezzo, "it's that we are looking back at the food our grandparents ate when produce was scarce, but highly respected.”

Riezzo is passionate about food and drink, and he appreciates both authenticity and flair in both produce and product – which is why he also acts as a brand ambassador and mixologist for Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

And now, as part of their ‘Life in Italian Style’ project, Federico has travelled to Rome and Bologna to connect with the people and places that inspire him – and to rediscover the authenticity with which his grandparents' generation would have approached food and drink.


Knead to know: Antonio and Tonino

His visit to Dall’Anto, a bakery and café in Rome, exemplifies this discovery – the proprietors Antonio and Tonino, who previously worked in advertising, have established a place where heritage breads and delicacies are to the fore.

Meanwhile, at the Perfumerie Silvera Profumi D’Autore, Federico encounters its owner Eduardo, who explains the philosophy behind his boutique.

Located in Via di Ripetta, in the heart of Rome, Silvera “only hand picks the brands he wants to sell if they follow his same ethos and identity – and if a product starts selling well, he will take it off the glass bell (where some perfumes are presented) and stop selling it as it will become too popular, and thus not exclusive enough.”


Over the coming weeks, more stories from Federico’s travels will be added to Peroniitaly.ie along with those of his fellow creatives milliner Laura Kinsella and designers Designgoat.

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Aidan Coughlan