If You Love Coffee, You Need To Check Out This Exclusive Event

We can smell the beans roasting from here...

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If your love of coffee is up there with the Gilmore Girls, then you're going to want to check out this event. 

On November 15, Alin from Dublin Barista School will talk through the science of roasting delicious coffee beans and how it affects the taste of your coffee. 

Using coffee that he'll roast himself in-house, Alin will demonstrate how different roasting processes change different aspects of the coffee.

The audience will also be free to taste different roasts to see the difference themselves, which is always a plus.


Have you ever been curious about what the difference between arabica and robusta is? Or how water acidity and temperature can affect your sweet, sweet brew? And are you baffled about the bean roasting process?

Yep, us too. And now's your time to get involved. 

There are two sessions happening on the day at 19 South Anne Street and early bird tickets are available online for €5. 

(SOLD OUT) The first event runs from 5.30pm and you can get your tickets here.

(SOLD OUT) The second event runs from 7.00pm and tickets are available here.  

These events are sold out but there are loads more events happening for Science Week. Check them out here.

Get involved, caffeine lovers.

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Louise Donnery

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