Dazzling Dublin - 10 Great Shots Spotted On #LovinDublin Over The Bank Holiday Weekend

Looking positively ride-y, as per usual


Getting the perfect shot depends upon the photographer, the arrival of the right moment and, of course, the camera.

We're in the age of the camera phone, Instagram is full of class photos that've been captured in an instant. The #LovinDublin audience has produced over 50,000 high quality images.

In a few years, will the camera phone take the place of the regular camera for good? Food for thought, eh?

Our city is just fantastic, and these ten pictures spotted on #LovinDublin over the long weekend really showcase it in its best light!

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day..."

A photo posted by Alan (@alandub10) on

All the pretty lights

A photo posted by Lovin Dublin (@lovindublin) on

Riverside 'n' chill

A photo posted by Keenan Stack (@keenanstack) on

Irish mummy

A photo posted by Rob Crane (@robaleano) on

Ha' penny for your thoughts

The lighthouse of splendid isolation

A photo posted by Luca Paccusse (@alucaround) on

More like St Stephen's Orangey-Brown

Follow the cobble-brick road

Leaf-crunching by the canal

From dawn till dusk

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