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14th Feb 2017

PICS: Inside Dublin’s Dream Offices – Part 1


We feature all the best food, recipes, property and news from around Dublin and as of today we are focusing on another important aspect of city life…workspaces. 

In particular we want to focus on the amazing offices around the city that have insane decor, great perks and which we would all love to be working in. 

Wanna get in on the action? 

This is a new weekly feature, so feel free to suggest your own work space or submit a company for featuring.

This week, the pictures are from Rapid7 working at Sobo Works by Iconic Offices and what we are struggling to get our head around is that they have their own beer tap! We can’t even begin to imagine how much fun we’d have if we had that installed here in Lovin Towers.

Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 37 05
Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 36 59

Interesting, do go on

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Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 37 51
Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 37 46
Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 37 40
Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 37 33
Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 37 28
Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 37 22
Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 15 37 17

Not too shabby, eh?

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