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18th Dec 2018

Eight Expert Tips For Decorating Your New Home


Over the past few weeks, we’ve hosted a series of brunch events with AIB where experts shared advice and tips for first time buyers. If you missed the events, fear not! Some of our speakers have shared their best tips on what to do once you’ve snapped up your new home.

One of the joys of having your own home is the chance to put your personal stamp on it. This is where the fun really begins!

Revealing her top tips for interiors, Jackie Carton from Style My Room Interiors shows us how all first time buyers can turn their new house into a home. Here are the top tips from Style My Room:

1. Suit up and get painting

If you’ve snapped up an older property that needs a little TLC, save money by doing as much as possible. Strip the wallpaper, lift carpets and sand floorboards. A little enthusiasm goes a long way!

2. Measure twice, cut once

It’s so easy to get carried away and order everything at once, but it pays to take your time and ensure your new furniture fits. Larger items like beds and sofas – measure your space and make sure there is enough room – last thing you want is to block doors with that double king size bed or massive L-shaped couch.

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3. Get creative

Add visual interest with unique or vintage pieces from second hand websites, flea markets or auction sales. Repair or upcycle with a fresh coat of paint where necessary. Just a dash of creativity can reward you with a one of a kind statement piece.

4. Decorating doesn’t need to be scary

If you’re unsure of colour schemes, fear not. You don’t need to go all Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on your new home. Stick with light, neutral colours for the walls then layer in colour and texture with rugs, cushions, curtains and other soft furnishing. Voila!

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NORTH– a Dublin based design studio specialising in Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Creative Direction spill the beans on all things decorative. From money saving to lighting, NORTH share their tip tips.

5. Saving money on doing up your kitchen

If you move into a house and like the layout of the kitchen but not the look and feel, small changes will make a big difference. Paint the doors, change the handles and replace the work top or add a different back splash. This will completely transform the kitchen.

If the existing kitchen is not for you, consider buying off the shelf units and doors. We use Noyeks Newmans and IKEA for lower budget kitchens, they will help you design the kitchen into the space if you bring the wall measurements with you.

6. Painting and furniture

Afraid of using colour but don’t want a grey house?

It’s important to know how you want each space to feel. Use colour on joinery or furniture for a pop. Don’t be afraid! This is the easiest and cost effective way to transform a space.

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7. Invest in key pieces

Furniture is the most interchangeable thing in your house. Invest in staple items like a good bed, sofa and focus on furniture that you’ll use all the time. Add personality with small pieces that can be swapped out over time, this will also keep spending low.

8. Don’t leave lighting to last minute

Think about decorative vs functional lighting. It will set the mood of a space. Kitchen could have under counter lighting, in joinery lights, lights for cooking, island lights.

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