Ireland’s first all plant-based butchery brand are making it easier than ever to make a sustainable swap this Veganuary

By Lovin' Media

January 14, 2022 at 11:00am



Whether you’re a devout vegan or a conscious carnivore hoping to reduce your meat consumption, Sons of Butchers have an array of appetising alternatives…

Coming from a long line of traditional butchers living and working in Galway, these fourth-generation foodie masterminds are breaking the family mould by taking animal-based practice and flipping it on its head!

Establishing the country’s very first entirely plant-based butchery brand, Sons of Butchers are utilising the very best of what good old Irish country soil has to offer by turning their attention from herds to herbs.

Packing all those mouth-watering flavours and textures we’ve come to associate with meat-based dishes into environmentally friendly, ethical, and health-conscious alternatives, the Sons of Butchers range includes everything from trick’n strips and mince cheat to bluff burgers and cheatballs.

Dedicated to creating a brand that has a positive effect on the planet, these innovative Sons of Butchers want their customers to change the ingredients, not the recipe.

Up to the task? Why not take on the SOB Challenge by making a plant-based alternative in just one meal a day for a month. Once you’ve enjoyed 30-days of tasty meals without the meat, you might just never go back.

Available online and in-store at Tesco, SuperValu, and Dunnes, find out more about Sons of Butchers right HERE.

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