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06th Aug 2021

It’s time to return to your local and claim your free Jameson Ginger Lime

Brian Dillon

You read that correct, my friends. Upon your long-awaited return to your local, you can claim a free Jameson Ginger Lime to mark the occasion. 

We have all realised the significance of pubs in the past year. They aren’t just places to drink. It’s where friendships are formed, new life is celebrated and memories are made. And if you’re lucky it’s where true love can blossom. Naturally, this has been really missed over the past year.

Those last-minute catch-ups with friends, those weekend traditions and those special occasions that we have been just itching to celebrate. The pubs are returning and with them, the talented, hardworking bartenders who make the experience as special as it is, every single time.

It’s about time we give them a big ol’ ‘cheers’, just for being them. Bartenders from beloved bars around the city have explained how the pandemic has affected them, how it has provided unexpected opportunities, and what the pub means to them.

Jameson Craft Ambassador Kieran put it beautifully when he said, “How many new lives have we welcomed over a drink? How many friends have we said goodbye to over a whiskey? But most importantly how many new friendships have been formed over a tipple?”

Meanwhile, Marcus from Anti-Social, a bar that opened just six weeks before the pandemic hit, explained, “Pubs are at the heart of who we are as Irish people. It’s not always about drinking either, the pub is this constant social hub that people from anywhere can slot into. Think of the number of songs, poems, million-dollar ideas and entertaining shite-talk that have come out of chats in pubs.”

The return of the pub is so exciting, especially because there is a gift waiting for us upon our return.

Here's how to get a free Jameson Ginger Lime on your next visit to your local

In order to mark the occasion, Jameson has a lovely treat in store for us in the form of a free Jameson Ginger Lime, to help us say ‘cheers’ and celebrate this part of Irish culture and identity that we have sorely missed through the tough times the past year has presented us.

Cheers to that, my friends! Claim your free drink here.

Please enjoy Jameson responsibly.