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15th Jul 2019

Looking To Renovate Your Place? Here’s How It Can Be Made Way More Affordable

Brian Dillon

There’s nothing like doing up your place to give it a new lease of life. 

Whether it’s retiling the bathroom walls, filling your gaff with new and funky furniture, or totally tearing the interior of your place apart and redesigning it from scratch, sprucing up your home is one of the best ways to put a new spring in your step.

But it can be fairly expensive all the same. Well, it is when you’re paying for it all at once.

Well, what if I told you there is an unreal way you can spruce up your without burning a hole in your wallet.

Flexi-Fi is the new buy-now-pay-later service that does exactly what it says on the tin. You can make your purchase from one of their retail partners and pay it back in instalments. 

So, here’s how it works.

You’re in control of the whole process. You select what you want to purchase from one of their fab retail partners and then you pick the payment plan that suits you.

You’ll have your own online Flexi-Fi portal, so you can keep track of your payment plan and even pay it off early if it suits you.

When applying, you fill out a quick and easy online application, and Flexi-Fi will send you the occasional text to let you know where you are in your payment plan.

And they have quite a few retail partners, including home interior brands such as M. Kelly Interiors, Signature Furniture, Harvey Norman, Des Kelly and loads more.

So you’re able to kit out your gaff with some fab interiors without splurging out all at once.

And they also have retail partners that sell pretty much everything you can think of.

Getting the mop chopped? Flexi-Fi is partnered with barbers such as Signature Barbers and Kildare School of Barbering. Looking for a wedding dress? Flexi-Fi is partnered with McElhinney’s Bridal Room. Need leisure/sports equipment? Flexi-Fi is partnered with McGuirk’s Golf, OMW Supplies and SwimFit Pool. 

They’re also teamed up with loads of fantastic beauty brands, fashion retailers, jewellers and tech stores.

You get the gist. They have a rake of retail partners providing all kinds of wonderful products and services, for which you can pay in handy instalments spread over a time period of your choosing.

To find out of you’re eligible to apply for a payment plan and learn more about Flexi-Fi, you can check them out here.