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15th Mar 2019

Looking To Up Your Wellness Game? These Unreal Speakers Will Take To The Stage This Month


From gut health to resetting your mind – for one weekend only, Thrive Festival has an incredible array of guest speakers ready to inspire and motivate you.

We’ve talked about the unreal studios who’ll bring their workout to The Convention Centre this month, now it’s time to shed some light on the epic speakers on hand to help you kick-start your wellness journey.

Here are a just a few people you can see over the two days.

Gemma Aktinson Thrive Signature Stage, Saturday 30th @ 9.30am & 1.30pm and the Thrive Talks Stage @ 4pm

Gemma Atkinson

Most of us will recognise Gemma from TV, but this West End actress has more under her belt than Hollyoaks.

Since appearing on Strictly Come Dancing and reaching the final, the public has grown to love Gemma and she’s become a fitness inspiration. Her athletic physique is all down to her super healthy and balanced lifestyle – regular exercise and good nutrition.

Gemma has an amazing passion for health and fitness, so it’s no surprise she launched her very own active wear brand – GA by Gemma Atkinson. Make sure you check out the Signature stage where Gemma will leads the way as she chats all things fitness and health.

Jasmine Hemsley Thrive Talks Stage, Saturday 30th @1pm & 3pm

Jasmine Hemsley

Get to know your dosha, learn how to infuse Ayurvedic living into yourday-to-day life and enjoy delish ways to transform the way you eat, move and sleep.

Back from travelling around India and embracing the Ayurvedic life, author of East by Weat will treat you with her talk “Living La Vida Veda” and believe me, you’ll leave inspired and educated.

While living in London, I went to see Jasmine speak about this twice she fully captures your attention and gives off the most positive and happiest vibes ever! She’ll help you discover tools to listen to and understand your body type (I’m a Pitta-Kapha) and how to nourish yourself from the inside out.

Dr. Hazel Wallace Thrive Signature Stage, Sunday 31st @9.30am & 1.30pm

Dr. Hazel Wallace

Back in 2012, The Food Medic blog was brought to life in a bid to bridge the gap between conventional medical advice and the latest thoughts and developments in nutrition and other areas of lifestyle medicine. Founder of The Food Medic, Dr. Hazel Wallace is a qualified doctor, best-selling author and health writer and a personal trainer, so she knows a thing or two about this area and is keen to share that wisdom with everyone. The blog has since gained many followers and is across social media, books and a new podcast.

The Food Medic helps dispel the myths surrounding diet and health, and instead share evidence-based advice and actionable tips!

The Reset Grow Stage 30th March @6pm & Inner Wellness with Symprove, Sunday 31st @12pm & 4pm

The Reset

Sometimes in life, you need to hit pause and take the time to reset – that’s where Lauren Healy and Vicky Shilling come into play. Founders of The Reset they want to help you make changes to your life and dispel any self-care myths and allow you to walk away with things you’ll actually start doing today.

They’ll chat about practical steps you can put into place. While fluffy slippers, bubble baths and massages are great for those with time on their hands, The Reset will be talking some real world principles that you can apply to your busy life that will make you feel better right now.

There will be loads more industry experts on hand on March 30th & 31st to inspire and educate. Get ready to make changes!

These are just two of the amazing studios you can see and train with at Thrive Festival this March. Each week, we’ll be showcasing more trainers, speakers and food brands who’ll be setting up in The Convention Centre, Dublin next month.