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22nd Nov 2017

This Brown Thomas Brand Is Having A Sale Of Up To 30% Off For Black Friday


Do you happen to know any gentlemen who really don’t enjoy shaving? We’d wager you do, since a whopping seven out of 10 men say they “loathe or cope” with the process.

So maybe it’s time they tried doing it differently.

Marram Co, a brand of luxury men’s grooming tools and all-natural shaving creams formulated for different moods, is offering up to 30% off all products online and in-store from Thursday, November 23 to Sunday, November 26 for their Black Friday Sale.

And they’re not offering your standard shaving kit.

They’re designed for the user’s pleasure

Marram Co wanted to make something that’s as pleasing on the eye and as it is on the skin. You build your own personalised set according to your needs, with the core elements being the bowl, the brush, the safety razor and the modern razor — this set will also include a Marram Co limited edition shaving cream as a Christmas bonus.

When not in use the brush sits on the solid, pressed steel bowl and lid, creating a neat piece of hardware in your bathroom. There’s a choice of handles with the razors, with the ‘old-skool’ safety razor coming with a double edge single blade for a closer shave and the Marram Co Modern Razor coming with the hi-tech Gillette Fusion blade.


They’ve a cream for every occasion

Marram Co has also developed a range of eight different all-natural, “mood enhancing” shaving creams made from organic essential oils. The logic here being that you can create a different experience of sensation and smell when you want or need it, whether it’s after the gym, before a night out or on a weekday morning.

Marram has created a ‘Taster Collection’ for Christmas, which is a set of four 20ml creams (€30). The collection contains creams called Wake Up Call, Night Out, The Morning After and Power Up.

They’ve even created a festive shaving cream called HO HO HO (€8) —which contains seasonal frankincense, cinnamon, sweet orange and clove essential oils — designed to brighten and calm the skin, while making you smell Christmassy at the same time.

Science fact of the day

Research has shown that while most men believe that a successful shave is all about the blade, it’s actually down to how well you prepare your skin and stubble beforehand. The Marram Co brush and cream is designed to create a natural, thick lather to lubricate your skin and soften the stubble by up to 30%. The brush lifts the hairs for cutting, while exfoliating the skin in the process.

So, what’s the difference between that and a standard shave?

There’s no burn, no rash, no drag and no in-grown hairs.

Marram Co Christmas Set

There will also be an exclusive complimentary engraving event in Brown Thomas on December 2 & 3. For every set bought in BT, the lid of the bowl will be engraved with the initials of the recipient for free.

Marram Co will be giving 10% from all sales in the last week of November to men’s mental health charities to support Movember.

You can find Marram Co online HERE or in The Marvel Room at Brown Thomas on Grafton Street.