McDonald's Have Made A New Burger Using Some Very Irish Ingredients

Ballymaloe relish and Charleville Cheddar? Meet The McMór...


Here's one for fans of the green, white and golden arches: McDonald's have brought out their very own Irish burger.

Local Irish, you say? Sure haven't they been doing that for years, with all the ads with the farmers and the cows and stuff?

Well although they’ve been using 100% Irish beef and bacon for years, this one is different because it's made up of produce such as Charleville Cheddar and Ballymaloe relish.

So basically it's a burger made out of the care packages that your mammy sent you while you were living in Australia... minus the Barry's tea.


We teamed up with McDonald's to launch the burger at an event in Temple Bar earlier this month – have a look here to see what went down.


Intrigued? It's available from September 2 but will only be around for a short while..