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13th Dec 2018

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While we’re not saying you have to buff yourselves up like Sly Stallone in his Rambo days, it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you look after yourselves – both mind and body – in the lead-up to your wedding, you’ll enjoy the experience a hell of a lot more.

And jaysus, if there was ever a time you needed a good dose of those endorphin yokes isn’t it now, when you’re desperately trying to decide on a russet and ochre invitation colourway and pink peonies or white gardenias?

Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be all mindless treadmill-pounding while watching the gym telly with the sound turned off, because innovative fitness folk are doing some really exciting things in our fair city at the moment:

1. Fierce Pole Fitness Dublin

More a proud, skilful discipline than a mere form of exercise, pole fitness is one of the most enjoyable ways to get fit I’ve ever experienced. And it’s not just about losing weight – that becomes secondary – it’s more about gaining strength and seeing what your body can really do. 

Sarah from Fierce in Harold’s Cross is the real deal; her classes are always fun, supportive and challenging, and while you may not believe it now, within weeks she’ll have you spinning and climbing, and within months flinging yourself upside down. 


2. Jump Zone

Exorcise all that pre-wedding stress by hitting Jump Zone – locations in Sandyford and Santry – for an hour-long workout one of their trampolines. Yes it’s true; you get to go a bit mad on a massive trampoline while burning around 1,000 calories in the process. World, sometimes you’re a very good egg.


3. Aerial Cirque

If there’s a prettier way to get fit we’ve yet to see it. Aerial Cirque on Exchequer Street (that room!) offers aerial silk classes, where you’ll tone up and strengthen your core while learning a graceful combination of dance and athleticism, and in the air no less.  



If pussy-footing around your fitness is not your style, and you want to feel the burn (said while enthusiastically punching the air obvs), which takes place all over the city, has a hardcore his n’ hers bootcamp which aims to whip you both into the best shape of your lives. 


5. Anti-Gravity Yoga

Go all “me Tarzan, you Jane” with anti-gravity yoga. Here you’ll hang from a hammock – sort of like a soft swing or trapeze – while employing acrobatic techniques derived from dance, Pilates and gymnastics, helping realign your body and spirit with gravity and achieving physical and mental decompression. Try Yoga4all based in Swords


6. Boogie Bounce

Touted as ‘FAB, FUN, FUNKY AND EXTREMELY FAT BURNING’ the guys at Boogie Bounce invite you to “party off the pounds”. And it really is serious fun – in each class you’ll work every muscle in the body while bouncing on a mini trampoline to pumping, high-energy tunes. 


7. Underdog Boxing

Underdog Boxing on Cuffe Street is home to a programme so terrifyingly-monikered you know it’s gonna get you results. ‘Fat Furnace’ is 14-day programme which includes 10 intense classes focusing on a mix of HIIT, weekend challenges and a healthy meal plan. It’s specially designed to make your metabolism speed up and your energy levels skyrocket.


8. Form School

Everything about this Grattan Street studio is bloody gorgeous, from the retro boarding school-style logo to the are-you-sure-we’re-not-in-a-boutique-hotel décor. ‘In strength we trust’ is Form School’s motto, and it walks the walk with an innovative menu of reformer Pilates classes, ballet barre and yoga. 

Form School

9. Kangoo Club Dublin

Fancy getting fit by jumping up and down on pogo stick-style boots? Yep, us too. The Liffey Trust Dance Studio’s Kangoo jumping classes aren’t just good craic; rebounding is a brilliant aerobic exercise that gives you a solid workout without putting pressure on your joints. Look lads, you’re engaged and not getting any younger – you think to think about those joints.