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06th Dec 2019

One of Dublin’s oldest pubs now does unreal cocktail classes

Brian Dillon

This is certainly one way to mix tradition with something new and exciting. Although it’s one of the oldest pubs in the city, Tenter’s Bar certainly ain’t outdated. With an exciting new design, it has recently been restored and brought back to life.

They now serve up mean cocktails as well as fabulous cocktail classes! It’s safe to call that a trendy twist on all of the traditions we love about an Irish pub.

Having stood on the same corner of Mill Street in Dublin 8 since the 1920s, the pub originally served the local workers who flocked in from the surrounding linen/textile factories and distillers that have populated the area since the 1800s.

Now, it’s a go-to spot for city slickers who enjoy a classy cocktail-drinking (and making) experience.

During this masterclass, you’ll create two signature cocktails from their extensive menu, which you will obviously drink at the end.

The classes are available for an intimidate twosome or up to a party of ten participants who will first get a brief overview of the cocktail recipe creation from the in-house ‘Tenters Cocktail Crew.’

You’ll be guided through the whole process, becoming a master mixologist as you learn how to mix, shake and pour the perfect concoction.

And once you’ve completed the lesson and become a proper cocktail expert, you’ll have the chance to stick around to try some more of their delicious cocktail creations. And once you see what’s on the menu, you’ll definitely want to.

Some of their signature cocktails include their Blackberry Spritz, their Bull Ring and their 130 Thomas Street, while their list of classic cocktails includes their Old Fashioned, their Whiskey Sour and their Spicy Margarita.

Plus if you’re heading along for brunch, they even have a cocktail menu created just for that, featuring a Breakfast Cocktail, Bleedin Mary, Liberties Bellini and Market Mimosa.

And I’m not finished. There’s also the range of coffee-inspired cocktails such as their Vanilla Espresso Martini, Pimlico Pick Me Up and Tenters Irish Coffee.

Long story short: It’s heaven on earth for cocktail-lovers.

Fancy becoming a master of the art of cocktail-making yourself? Honestly, it’s gas craic to be had with your mates and makes for a super fun alternative night out.

To book your spot, you can email them at [email protected]. Or, you can call them on (01) 963 1787.

To find out more, check out their website here.