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17th Dec 2020

Peroni is offering the chance to enjoy a celebratory beer with a mate that you missed this year

Brian Dillon

We have teamed up with Peroni Nastro Azzurro to give you a chance to win a Peroni Panettone inspired pack to make sure we get to celebrate those moments we might have missed. A Momento di Peroni.

We’re super excited about Christmas: the gifts, movies, food, the lot! But Christmas this year is going to be a different one. We’ll reflect on all the special moments with friends and family that we missed out on in 2020. Maybe it was celebrating a new job, your best friend’s birthday, a new arrival, or an engagement.

Peroni wants to turn that reflection into a celebration by taking up the Italian ritual of Panettone and enjoying a Momento di Peroni. Celebrate those moments you might have missed and realise they aren’t lost.

What is Panettone, you ask?

Panettone is the classic Italian Christmas bread and the ritual of giving a Panettone is not a simple act of kindness, but a gesture rich in history and tradition. Peroni Nastro Azzurro has created a Panettone inspired pack to help give you a Momento di Peroni, the beer you might not have got to have with the person you wanted to in 2020.

Fancy a Peroni Panettone pack for an Italian-inspired night at home? Here's how to nab one

We have 100 Panettone packs to give away to 50 people

What does this pack include? The packs contain two bottles of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, two glasses, maize snacks and a bottle opener.

The lucky winners will receive one Panettone gift pack for themselves and a second to share with that person they want to have a Momento di Peroni with this Christmas.

So, whether you want to cheers with your Mam for helping you through a tough year, get your best mate a beer for that job promotion or just to tell them that you’ve missed having a catch-up with them, there are 50 chances for you to get your hands on one of these packs.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply fill in your details using the below form. Best of luck!