PICS: Here's How The Lovin Dublin BBQ Brunch Went Down At The Weekend

Did you miss out on this meaty feast?


If there's one thing we know it's how to host a good brunch, and this weekend's BBQ Brunch Club was a real doozy. 

The sun was shining and the cocktails were calling, things kicked off at 12.30pm with each person receiving two complimentary drinks along with a feast of sumptuous meat and gorgeous salad. 

Our sponsor Bundy's supplied the deliciously fresh buns for our burgers and hot dogs. What could be better than great meat with fresh salad on the freshest of bread?

If you want a better idea of how it went, just take a look at the pictures below... 

Img 2140
Img 2152
Img 2143
Img 2158
Img 2169
Img 2170
Img 2173
Img 2177
Img 2191
Img 2210
Img 2211
Img 2221
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Anna Nolan

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