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09th Feb 2018

The Powerball Is Now €132M — Here Are Five Insane Holidays You Could Take With That Kind Of Money


Being filthy rich must lead to some positively crazy holidays. Like, we’re talkin’ certifiable.

You see, once you’ve reached a point where you definitely have more money than sense, you inevitably end up doing some pretty wild stuff… so wild, in fact, that you’d actually have to ask yourself, “why would anyone do that?!”.

Since this Saturday’s Powerball jackpot is worth €132 million, which you can bet on using right now, we’ve been thinking about all the insane trips people with that kinda scratch end up going on, such as…

Going boarding… down an active volcano

Snow boarding is just isn’t exciting enough anymore, when you’re a multimillionaire you suddenly develop a taste for higher stakes. That’s why you need to make the journey to Leon in Nicaragua, where you can slide down the side of a volcano that could  blow at any minute.

Cos proximity to serious injury/death is what a successful holiday is all about.

Volcano Boarding

Going on a day trip… to Antarctica

You know how it is, there isn’t enough to do on the desolate tundra of the South Pole to necessitate a whole weekend, but a there’s certainly enough to keep you occupied for an afternoon!

Antarctica Tourist
It’s mostly just penguins and ice anyway

Going kayaking… off of a waterfall in Hawaii

Have you ever looked a massive waterfall and thought to yourself, “God, I’d love to go over the edge of that”.

No? Well, that’s just the sort of thing you start to consider doing once you’ve become filthy rich and bored out of your gourd.

Waterfall Kayaking
This could only end well

Going diving… with great white sharks

Whoever thought that getting up close and personal with one of the world’s most fearsome creatures qualified as a fun activity must’ve had some serious issues, but if you head on down to South Africa you can experience it for yourself!

Just imagine it: climbing into a cage, being lowered deep into the sea and staring into the deadly maw of a monster with 300 razor sharp teeth… tempting stuff, eh?

Of course, proper thrill seekers would forego the cage altogether…

Great White Shark

Taking a little jaunt… into OUTER SPACE

While we’re not quite there yet for the public, the closest you can get at present is a suborbital flight where you can experience zero gravity, but Elon Musk’s SpaceX does have plans to send private passengers to the moon in the near future.

And doesn’t a sojourn in the most hostile environment known to man — after forking out hundreds of thousands of euros and experiencing the strain of extreme G-force on your body as you leave Earth’s atmosphere — sound like a right old lark to you?


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