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30th Aug 2018

Pub Of The Week: This Modern Bar Is The Perfect Spot To Cosy Up With An Autumn Drink

James Fenton

Summer 2018 will always be remembered as one of the warmest we’ve had in Dublin but with temperatures now starting to cool, pub-goers will soon be waving goodbye to the beer garden and heading back indoors.

Before we know it, the path to the pub will be laden with the beautiful mixture of autumn colours and the crunching sound of leaves under our feet will mark the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Cool autumn evenings in the city are the perfect invitation to cosy up in one of Dublin’s plethora of fine establishments.

We’ve teamed up with 1664 Blanc to suss out the best Dublin spots to do just that.

1664 Blanc is a fresh and fruity wheat beer – perfect for a cider drinker who is looking for something new and refreshing to see out the last of the summer evenings.

Characterised by exotic fruit flavours with subtle notes of white peach and coriander, this beer is best served with a slice of lemon or orange.

Now you just need to find the perfect spot to enjoy it.

Ruin Bar is a relatively new addition to the Dublin pub scene and its location on Tara Street makes it a go-to spot for an after-work drink.

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The pub takes inspiration from the famous ruin bars of Budapest which are built in the ruins of abandoned buildings, giving off the impression of secrecy. This makes Ruin Bar an ideal setting to strike up a conversation over a 1664 Blanc.

The walls are lined with cool artistic designs and murals and the decor provides patrons with a quirky visual experience to enjoy with their drink.

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An extensive dinner menu includes old favourites like fish and chips and steak, as well as delicious fish tacos, vegetable gnocchi and a special Ruin Burger – Guinness & Pepper Jack Sauce, red onion, tomato relish, all served in a bretzel bun with fries and coleslaw.

All great options to warm your belly as evenings close in.

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Located on the site of the old MacTurcaills pub, Dublin 2 has bagged itself a gem in the form of Ruin Bar.

A modern place that embodies 21st century Dublin, while at the same time providing an old-school, central European vibe in the heart of our city. Why go all the way to Budapest?

Make sure you visit for a 1664 Blanc with colleagues or friends this autumn.

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