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03rd Aug 2021

Queen Latifah replaces Denzel Washington as The Equalizer

Rory Cashin

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You can watch the new crime thriller at home right now.

For a certain generation, the only awareness they might have of Robert McCall, aka The Equalizer, are the two Denzel Washington movies of recent years.

However, those movies were based on a hit show from 1985, which starred Edward Woodward (The Wicker Man) in the title role, and now, several decades later, the story is returning to TV, with none other than Oscar-nominee Queen Latifah playing the gender swapped Robyn McCall.

The story of The Equalizer has remained the same through all of these decades, with Latifah’s version of McCall still being a very mysterious character with a somewhat shady history, but using her particular set of skills to act as a guardian angel for those most in need in New York City.

The writers, producers, and directors behind the first episodes are behind some much-loved shows and movies over the years, including Air Force One, Scandal and The Boys.

The first season has already been airing in the States, and received some positive reactions from critics:

Slate – “[A] pleasingly complicated investigation and meting out of justice with more than enough explosions, costume changes, and social commentary…”

The Oregonian – “Latifah’s presence gives it a little something extra. Her charismatic underplaying draws you in, […} But it’s refreshing to see a few quieter moments of insight, mixed in with the good guys prevailing.”

USA Today – “[It] has good fight sequences and it’s always nice to see a beloved star get a role like this. And even more, the idea that one person can make a difference for those who have nowhere else to turn is appealing in a world where most of us are so powerless.”

The first episode of The Equalizer is available to watch on NOW from Tuesday, 3 August, with the rest of the episodes from the first season set to drop weekly.

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