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19th Feb 2020

Six unreal classes you can do at this Howth cooking school

Brian Dillon

Howth Castle Cookery School Pasta Class credit K Quinn

Did you know that you can try some super fun and unique classes in this Howth cooking school?

Whether you’re looking to become a master pizza chef or an expert at hosting a Thai supper club, there is a whopper range of unique cooking classes in Howth Castle that you probably won’t find anywhere else in Dublin.

Led by chefs Sarah and John who have been with the school for a number of years, participants are taken through the preparation of the menu step by step and given an in-depth breakdown of the whole process involved in creating the perfect dish.

If you’re looking for practical hand-on learning or to try something new with mates, these classes are a fab idea. Plus, you’ll enjoy your creation with a glass of wine.

Here are six that we think you should definitely try out this year.

Catch and Cook

Since Howth is known for being a proper Irish fishing village, it’s no surprise that Howth Castle Cookery School offer visitors the chance to actually go out and catch their own fish before cooking it.

This class starts out early with two hours of fishing out the back of Ireland’s Eye with skipper David Doyle. Practice your casting and reeling before heading back to the cooking school for a light lunch followed by a two-hour hands-on lesson on cooking and cleaning whole native brown crab for an avocado, grapefruit and watercress salad.

There will also be a light dessert to finish off the day.

catch and cook class in Howth cooking school

Gourmet Pizza Workshop

Pizza can be fancy as well! Well, it is when you do this class.

Learn to make the crispiest base and the best tomato sauce to create the ultimate pizza for a night in with the family, other half or best pals.

You’ll learn tips on using the right flour and best ingredients and learn both the pizza classics as well as some newer flavour combinations. Plus, it’ll be good fun.

Gourmet Pizza Workshop

Thai Supper Club

Time to spice things up.

Thai food is a wonderful combination of sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy flavours. In this class, you’ll learn how to perfectly create that.

Using ingredients like lemongrass, tamarind, lime leaves, galangal, chillies and Nam Plaa, the chef will guide you through the process of balancing flavours to create a truly authentic Thai dish.

At the end of the class, you’ll sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy your creation.

Howth Castle Cookery School Thai Cuisine

An Indian Night Out

Indian food is known for its incredible use of herbs and spices to create flavours truly unique to each region of the country.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated out of trying to create some of these super spicy and unfamiliar dishes, then you should definitely try this class.

It will demystify Indian cuisine and show you exactly how and why you should be cooking it all of the time.

Vegetarian Indian Food

Hope Brewery Tour and Beer Matching Class

We couldn’t talk about this Howth cooking school without mentioning this class. If you’re a beer lover or you would just like to learn more about it, then this class will be of interest to you.

The school has paired up with Hope Beer, a brewery from North Dublin, to bring you this class. You’ll get a one-hour tour of the facility and a tasting. Then, you’ll head back to the cooking school two-hour cooking session that focuses on dishes that will complement the Hope Beers you tried earlier.

hope brewery class in association with Howth Castle Cookery school

Flavours of the Middle East

Middle Eastern food has become fairly prevalent in Dublin as of late. But, what if you could whip up all of this deliciousness at home? well, you’ll be able to after attending this class.

Using ingredients like pomegranate molasses, pickled lemons, saffron, harissa and sumac, you’ll learn how to prepare and cook new and old recipes that will make your taste buds dance.

middle eastern cooking

And that’s just a flavour (see what I did there) of the wide range of classes available at Howth Castle Cookery School. You can also try your hand at bread baking, making summer desserts and whipping up healthy wholefood, to name a few.

Honestly, they make for an unreal party, celebration or corporate day out.

Cooking isn’t all that Howth Castle has to offer. You can take a guided tour of the historic grounds or even enjoy a game of golf or pitch and putt.