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27th Nov 2017

Seven Tempting Images Of Coffee That’ll Make You Crave Caffeine This Morning


It’s probably the hardest time of year to drag yourself from bed.

No matter how much rest you get, you still feel so very sleepy. You miss the warm embrace of your duvet. Your eyelids feel heavy.

In fact, you’re probably having a big yawn right now

Yawn Gif
Looking a little something like this

To celebrate the opening of Red Bean Roastery Coffee Shop adjacent to the Clayton Hotel Leopardstown, and to announce their plans to open even more locations around Ireland in the near future, we thought we’d show you some some wonderful examples of tempting coffee from around the world this morning to remind you that you really could use a steaming cup of joe right about now.

As if you needed a reminder.

Creamy goodness

There can be no sweeter sight for a sleepy individual.

Steamy goodness

We feel warmer already.

Want some art with that?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! Nah man, it’s quite obviously a cup of coffee.

Milk art

The brand-new Red Bean Roastery at Clayton Hotel Leopardstown derives its name from the ripe fruit of the jasmine scented flower of the coffee plant.

You can start your day by kicking back in its spacious lounge area while sipping on a little creamy number like this…

Milk Art

Treat yo’ self

It’s an unwritten rule that you have to post to Instagram when your coffee looks like this.


The surface of this coffee looks so perfect it’d almost be a sin to slurp on it… not that that would stop us, of course.

Where is the love?

A simple heart shape is a friendly gesture that can make you feel almost as warm as the hot beverage in your belly does… or else it indicates that the barista actually just fancies you. Either/or.