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Ten Festival Hacks You Should Know Ahead Of Body And Soul This Weekend

By Lovin Media

June 19, 2019 at 1:06pm



Although festivals are like the most fun ever, there are a few little hacks that can make the whole experience way more easy and comfortable.

Here are just some of the hacks you should know to seriously vamp up your festival game.

Stock up on portable chargers

Just in case. There’s nothing worse than losing your mates and your phone is about to run out of juice, so you’re stuck on your own. Always carry a portable charger with you so you can always contact your pals.

It might even be a good idea to get a cheap little phone just for the weekend so that you’re not constantly on your actual phone.

Zips, zips and more zips!

Make sure that if you’re putting your phone, money or any other valuables in your pockets, that those pockets have zips. When you’re at a festival, you’re constantly on the go, not to mention the dancing. And it’s likely that your valuables will fall out of your pockets at some stage if they’re not zipped closed.

Have a designated meeting point

Festivals are mad. Everyone is moving in all different directions and it’s easy to get separated from your pals.

So, as soon as you arrive at the festival, you and your pals should probably pick a spot that you all know how to get to so that if you get separated without being able to contact each other, you can all head to the designated spot and wait there.

Have an abundance of baby wipes

You never know when these bad boys are going to come in handy at a festival. It’s probably good to have these on you most of the time in case of emergencies.

Get to know the site before picking a spot to set up

There are a few things to consider before settling on a spot for the weekend. You want to be a fair bit away from the main paths so that you don’t have people constantly walking right next to where you’re sleeping, but you also don’t want to be too far away.

Plus, you want to be close enough to the toilets, yet not right beside them.

Have plenty of SPF

Nothing makes camping more uncomfortable than a nasty sunburn. Make sure to wear plenty of sun cream, even if you think you’re not going to need it. You normally don’t notice you’re getting a burn until the damage is already done.

Carry snacks around in a bum bag

You need to keep your energy levels up at the weekend, and it’s no harm to carry around a wee packet of nuts or something in your bum bag. Also, there is no shame in carrying around a bum bag.

Pretend you’re lost and looking for you’re friends when trying to get to the front of the crowd

Listen, if you’re trying to get right up to the stage when there’s an unreal act playing, just look lost, confused and scared. That way people are more likely to let you past and you can sneakily creep up to the front of the crowd for a bop. You’re welcome.

Bring sealable sandwich bags

There are going to be certain things that you want to keep absolutely clean and dry during the weekend, especially your clothes for heading home on the last day.

Keep your clothes, socks and jocks in sealable bags to keep them fresh for the weekend for maximum comfort when leaving the festival.

Bring shoes that you are prepared to leave behind

You’ll want to get some stunning Insta pics while you’re there, but don’t bring your favourite shoes for those all-important snaps. Because whatever shoes you have with you, they are likely to be destroyed while you’re there, and you may have to part ways with them once the weekend is over.

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