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07th Jan 2019

Ten Things You’ll Only Know If You’re Doing Dry January


So, you’ve taken on Dry January and are half-way through – feeling good, right? Better sleep, skin looks brighter and you’ve pocketed a few extra euros. Happy days!

You’re halfway there and if you’ve ever done Dry January before you now know what is all about. Let’s be honest, it’s not an easy road to take but it’s pretty rewarding.

Here are a few things you’ll probably have learned on this challenging road to booze-free enlightenment.

1. Just like that Christmas is OVER and it’s January

Seriously, it’s like as soon as you decided you’ll do Dry January BOOM – it feels like yesterday you were clinking glasses with your mates. Fair enough, when you took on this challenge on the 1st, yesterday was New Years Eve but still. January came around too fast!

2. Fear not, you’ve prepped for this and are ready to take on the challenge

You’ve got sparkling water and a vast selection of minerals. But what about something else? Last weekend was a struggle, I won’t lie but I decided to try Pure Brew from the brewers of Guinness and it was delish. I had two bottles waiting for me in the fridge and got a call from my other half saying he’d drank one and was on the way to buy more.

He’s not even doing Dry Janaury, but loved the taste so much, he went and stocked up. Good lad.

3. When people ask how you’re getting on, you act like it’s no biggie

“It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Lads, I’ll admit it’s only the second time I’ve attempted it (first time I failed OKAY!) but it is tough, especially on nights out. But we can’t admit that, are you joking? If anyone asks, say you’re absolutely nailing it, as you smugly finish off your non-alcoholic drink. Cheers.

4. You really do feel fresher, more energised and full of life

As easy as it is to give up and just slip back into your normal routine, I gotta admit it’s all worth it when you start to feel better.

A short break from the booze is good for you and you don’t need to feel like a hermit for the whole month either. Once you start Dry January, you actually realise how many cool things you can do in the city with your mates that don’t involve alcohol.

5. Your social life becomes a little more organised

Coming up with ways to socialise without drink can be tricky, but not impossible. You just gotta plan.

I definitely think more and more people are taking on Dry January these days which makes it much easier to plan activities, trips or simply head to the local. Why change up your routine completely?

Ordering an alcohol free drink isn’t as alien to bar staff as it might have been 10 years ago, so grab your mates and go for a drink in your fave spot. There’s nothing stopping you.

6. You start inviting people to your gaff rather than going out

OK, this might be a little selfish BUT you can always tell your mates that they’ll save money by staying in anyway.

I mean, who doesn’t love a movie night? The weather is still pretty grim out there and it’s almost Oscar season so why not whip out some classics, get the popcorn on and stock up on some cold Pure Brews for the gang?

I’ve done it, everyone had a great time AND we didn’t have to deal with taxis home. Eh, 100% winning at life right now.

7. Special occasions are your Everest

All I’m saying is I’m glad I don’t have a birthday in January so major props to all the Capricorns and Aquarius peeps out there doing Dry Jan.

Again, if you’re dedicated to the game, you totally got this and no amount of birthdays, wedding anniversaries or celebrations can dampen your spirit. You know why? Because you’re smashing it. Obvs.

8. Your real mates show up and support

OK, so first thing’s first – you will inevitably get some slagging from mates BUT you know you’ll have the last laugh on the 31st when you feel dreamy, refreshed and have probably done way more than they have the entire month.

Those mates who drink sparkling water with you or crack open a booze-free cold one on a night out, yeah they’re the keepers.

9. Your weekends have never felt better

Since the age of like 23, I couldn’t really handle a night out – I love my sleep and love spending my weekends doing more than just watching Netflix feeling sorry for myself and my bank balance.

Booze-free weekends are a different ball game, I legit feel like I’ve gained a day which doesn’t make any sense but any of you on this journey for 31 days will get me.

Feeling fresh is an understatement.

10. You start thinking “Hmmm… Dry February?”

You’re halfway in, feeling unreal so naturally the logical thing to do is plan how this is your new life. Dry 2019 – allll over it.

Take 5 there now, I’m into this fresh-as-a-daisy feeling, loving life and all booze-free weekends have to offer, but 31 days is tough. Baby steps, yeah?