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20th Dec 2016

The 11 Best Lunch Spots In Dublin Where You Can Pay With Contactless


Slowly but surely Dublin is becoming cashless, including the banks! 

It’s rare these days that you actually need cash; you’ve got your leap card for transport and your bankcards for everything else.

The odd time however, you’ll find a gem of a spot for lunch and realise after you order that they have a minimum spend for cards, or worse – a cash only policy.

Lunch times are a precious opportunity to clear your head and the last thing you want to be doing is wasting your time in a queue for the ATM or waiting five minutes at a till while the ancient machine processes your card payment.

With this very real first world struggle in mind, we’ve selected 11 of the best spots in town where you can grab lunch and pay with the tap of a card.

1. Sprout

Already one of our favourite healthy lunch spots, you’ll be in and out in 10 minutes if you’re in a rush back to your desk!

2. Wagamama

The perfect place if you want a good meal with very generous portions at a good price.

3.    Yamamori

Sushi lovers rejoice! For a tasty lunch, grab one of their bento boxes or share some Japas with a pal.

4. Fade Street Social

If you’re feeling fancy at lunchtime, pop in for a seriously tasty three-course feast.

5. Brasserie Sixty 6

With delicious lunches for a tenner, you really can’t go wrong here! We recommend the salmon fishcakes for a light and tasty option.

6. Elephant And Castle

Their wings feature high on all of the ‘Best Wings’ lists going. Head in for lunch to try them for yourself!

7. Toscana

The menu changes weekly here so there’s always something new to try and the contactless definitely helps to speed up the process on your lunch break.

8. The Pig And Heifer

Easily some of the best sandwiches around, the Hot Italian Hoagie is a little slice of heaven.

9. The Mongolian Barbeque

This is a super quick and tasty lunchtime location, with loads of filling options to choose from.

10. Third Space

Third Space is a Northside favourite with good sambos if you’re on the go.

11. Locks

Lunch is served Thursday to Saturday here and with sleepy views of the canal, you might not be ready to head back to work after!

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