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16th Dec 2022

The best red wines to pair with your festive food this Christmas

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Brought to you by Lidl

Let the wine steal the show this Christmas with these festive-worthy French reds from Lidl.

With all the work that has to be done at this time of year – present buying, organising the turkey, making sure you haven’t left anyone off your Christmas card list – selecting the wine can seem like another chore, one that fades into the background in the whirlwind of preparations.

But choosing the wine can be the most straightforward task to cross off your to-do list, thanks to Lidl. The aisles are stocked with low-cost, high-quality wines this year, with everything from deep and inky reds to crisp and youthful whites and bright sparkling bubblys. So when it comes to celebrating in 2022, it’s Christmas without compromise.

And to make the task easier again, we’ll help you choose the most suitable bottles for you and your guests this Christmas, starting with French reds and the festive, meaty dishes they work with.

First up, a bottle of GSM that punches way above its €8.29 price tag. This is an easy one to work with. GSM stands for the three grapes (Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre) that make up this Côtes du Rhône red. It’s a bright, youthful wine that’s highly refreshing, with plenty of ripe, crispy fruit.

Because it’s light and quite dry but still punchy, GSM almost always works well with meat. At Christmas, it will pair beautifully with an antipasti plate or a charcuterie board because it can take on the high-fat content of cold meats like prosciutto, saucisson, chorizo, mortadella, and salami. You’ll also find that it works well with stews, burgers, and braised meats like lamp chops.

The GSM has been awarded 85 ‘Bampfield points’ from Lidl’s Master of Wine, Richard Bampfield. This is Lidl’s wine rating system with a scale that ranges from “good” to “very good” to “outstanding” and “classic.” The 85 score means this particular GSM has been rated “very good.”

Another great bold red that complements meat dishes is the Côtes du Rhône AOC Villages for just €8.69. This is another 85 ‘Bampfield points’ rated wine and an award-winning one, taking home gold at the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards this year.

With notes of raspberry and licorice and an elegant and bright structure, the Côtes du Rhône AOC Villages pairs well with grilled meats like roast chicken and duck, or meaty pasta dishes. It’s also a great wine to pull out for your cheese board as it can hold its own against creamy cheese like camembert and brie and even hard cheese, including gouda, comté, and Emmental – enhancing their nutty flavours.

For winter stews and other hearty and warming dishes such as casseroles and pasta bakes, it’s time to crack open the Châteauneuf-du-Pape (€17.99). A popular blend made from up to 13 local grape varieties, this French red is full-bodied with notes of smoky spices, with a 86 ‘Bampfied points’ rating. This can also join your cheese board as it’s another one made for French cheeses. It’s one of the most comforting red wines for when the cold winter nights draw in.

For a Christmas without compromise head to your local Lidl & to the online Christmas brochure