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01st Jul 2020

The future of ordering drinks post-Covid and beyond is here

Brian Dillon

Is this DrinkApp how we order drinks in a bar post Covid?

Publicans, patrons, countrymen… The future of ordering drinks post-Covid and beyond is here!

DrinkApp is set to be the most fashionable mobile accessory this summer as bars across Ireland look to put measures in place that allow publicans and patrons alike to navigate a post-Covid return. Have you signed up?

One thing that will have crossed the minds of all pubgoers is what experience awaits us down the local now that the doors are open.

Well, for pubs that partner with the latest must-have app in town, DrinkApp, the future of drinking looks shiny and new for their customers. 

DrinkApp allows customers to order drinks from the comfort of their own table, with just the swipe of an app. That’s right, no more queues, no more hustling, just premium, VIP service all the way… at no extra cost.

You’re probably wondering how it works. Well, it’s pretty simple…

Customers download the app onto their phone which then allows them to order drinks and food to their table. Simple, right?

The benefits to customer:

Customers have more time to enjoy their experience, the bar is less crowded and no cash is needed. Less time at the bar means more time enjoying a long-awaited meet-up with your pals!

The benefits to the venue:

DrinkApp helps bar staff and management to facilitate social distancing measures 

It encourages longer dwell time allowing people to bed in for the evening in style with their own table and table service to boot.

The simple process is explained in the below video.

How do I get my bar/venue set up on the app?

DrinkApp can get any bar/venue set up within two days. Contact DrinkApp today and get set up. 

DrinkApp is available on both Google Play and Apple Store. To find out more about DrinkApp, you can find their website here.