There's A Lot More To Gin Than Meets The Eye

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Gone are the days of solely associating gin with your great auntie Petunia, because gin is experiencing a bit of a revival at the moment..

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Gin has become a lot of Dubliners' spirit of choice of late, and House Dublin are trying to teach them more about it. Beefeater wanted to educate Dubliners on the power of their 9 botanicals and what effect they have on the spirit, using four variations on a gin and tonic. They’ve created Beefeater Gin Lane Market, allowing guests to learn about the taste profiles and different ways to drink G&Ts over 8 weeks in House, before popping up in different locations across the country.

Gin's not just about a slice of lime and a dash of tonic - there are so many different types of gins and different ways it can be enjoyed.

Take a peek at this video below to learn more, and if you're feeling curious head along to the Gin Lane Market at House Dublin this evening!