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22nd Sep 2017

This Amazing New App Lets You Order Nearly Any Kind Of Cuisine


We’ve all been there: It’s a Friday evening, you’re absolutely starving and all you want to eat is a big juicy burger.

The only problemo? Your uber healthy roomie is dying for a bitta sushi, and you’ve got to agree there’s no point ordering two takeaways from two different places.

Well fellow food fanatics, a solution to your problem has just been developed, thanks to super handy new app Good To Go, a delivery service which gives you the option to choose from nearly any cuisine you could ever crave.

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Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not…

Delish food options are divided into the following sections, so there really is something for everyone (even that extra picky eater!)

  • Curry Station –
  • Wok Station
  • The Burgers
  • Salads
  • Sushi and Sashimi
  • Sides
  • Kids Corner
  • Cold Pressed Juices and Drinks
  • Organic Beers and Bio-Dynamic Wines
  • Dessert
  • Tea and Coffee

Yep, you could go for a Thai Green Curry with Chicken, Aubergine, Fine Bean, Onion, Sweet Basil, Bamboo Shoots, your BFF could order the California Rolls with Prawns, Tobiko, Cucumber & Avocado, and your greedy Bae can munch down an Irish Dexter Beef Burger, complete with Brioche Bun, Tomato, Iceberg, Pickle, French’s Mustard.

All the grub you could ever desire, delivered in one easy-peasy order.

Good To Go is the offshoot of Counter Culture, which looks after corporate catering and feeding some of Dublin’s top companies, and now expanding their yum menu to the rest of us good folk, delivering to the greater Dublin area via their app.

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Their new food menu was created by co-owner Pamela Flood, a well-known TV presenter and fitness (and food!) fanatic.

Good To Go has seriously just made our lives easier, and there’s a heap of deadly weekday deals from Mon-Thurs for when the thoughts of cooking is just too much to bear.

Ideal for people who are busy training in the gym and want a fresh salad packed with protein ready for when they get home, or frazzled families who could do with a night or two off duty, Good To Go has it all.

It’s up to you though whether you choose the healthy salad or a sneaky burger… Just think of the lovely little phrase “treat yo’self”, eh?

You can download the fab Good To Go app here.