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02nd Apr 2020

This quick high intensity workout is a great way to burn energy at home

Brian Dillon

Jack Tuite's high-intensity workout to do anywhere in the house

Most of us are looking for new and fun ways to burn energy and reset the mind while we’re at home. And we think this quick, high intensity workout is a great way to do that.

We have teamed up with VITHIT to bring you yet another simple and straight-forward home workout you can do without any equipment.

VITHIT is a low sugar, low calorie health drink filled with 100% RDA of your daily vitamins and health boosting teas.

Fitness coach Jack Tuite is back again with another HIIT workout that’s perfect for those of us desperate to burn energy and work up a sweat at home.

Here’s how this high intensity workout goes. You’ll do each exercise for 20 seconds and there are four sets. After each set, rest for one minute.

To start off, you’re going to go straight in with some Deadbugs.

Lie flat on your mat and bring one arm up as you bring the opposite leg up. Continuously repeat this on both sides.

Jack Tuite's high intensity workout to do at home

Next, it’s time for some High Plank to Squat Jumps.

Start off in the plank position before jumping forward into a squat position and then launching yourself up.

Then, it’s a simple Glute Bridge to Heel Walkout.

Lying on your mat with your hands to your side and hips raised off the ground, you’re going to walk one foot out followed by the other and then bring them back towards your glutes.

high intensity exercise by Jack Tuite outside

Jack Tuite showing his high intensity HIIT workout you can do at home

After that, you’re going to do some Hands Behind Head Bum Kicks.

This is a pretty straight-forward one. Place your hands behind your head and kick your feet back to touch your bum.

high intensity exercise by Jack Tuite outside

high intensity exercise by Jack Tuite outside

Then, do some Squat Walks.

Start on one side of your mat in a squat position, extend your legs to form the same position on the other side and repeat.

high intensity squat walks

Jack Tuite's high-intensity workout to do at home - high intensity squat walks

To finish off this high intensity workout, you’re going to do some Plank to Pikes.

Jack Tuite's HIIt workout at home Plank to Pike

Jack Tuite's home workout to burn energy

And that’s a quick, simple and effective workout you can do in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, back garden or anywhere in your house! If you’re feeling restless and need to burn off some energy while you’re at home, then we would definitely recommend giving this high intensity workout a try.

And we’ll be teaming up with VITHIT, the low sugar, low calorie drink packed full of vitamins, to bring you more fantastic HIIT exercises like this one as well as super re-energising and revitalising pilate routines.

Plus, if you’re at home with your other half, we’ll be bringing you a series of couple’s home-workouts!

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