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Five Time-Saving Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Back-To-School

By Megan Cassidy

September 4, 2018 at 9:59am




It's hard to believe it's almost the end of August - meaning the evenings are getting shorter and summer fun is already feels like a distant memory.

Well, even though they're gone back to school, there's still plenty of late summer evenings to enjoy with the little ones...

It would be a shame to spend that time stressed out over back-to-school prep when you could be squeezing in some last minute memories, wouldn't it?

We've teamed up with to bring you five time-saving tips to make back-to-school totally stress-free.

1. Shop Online at

Okay, this is an obvious one but we feel it warrants saying. Ain't nobody got time to battle trolleys in between ballet lessons, GAA training and whatever else.

When you shop online at SuperValu, your previous orders are all there waiting for you to repurchase at a click, and you'll find yourself managing your budget so much more effectively just knocking things out of the basket easily.

Plus, there's loads of fab prizes to be won when you shop online - like tickets to the biggest gigs. Win win!

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2. Bag Bargains

While you're shopping online, keep an eye out for the same special offers that you'll find in-store.

The Back-to-School better than half-price sale includes a stress-free lunch section with handy items like a pack of Cheesestrings for just €1.76, Carroll's ham for just €3.23, or a six-pack of Yops for just €1.98.

See the full list of offers here.

Screen Shot 2018 08 21 At 13 10 31

3. Get a 'Kitchen Calendar' going

Taking time to map out the week with coloured markers and stickers just isn't going to happen once school starts up again - so get in the habit and think ahead now while you have a bit of time.

Settling into a routine doesn't happen by magic once the school bell rings, so start easing it in now to make the transition easier next month.

Start getting the kids up early one or two days a week so that it's not a total body shock when that alarm goes off on the first day.

4. Weekday Capsule Wardrobe

Parents regularly thank their lucky stars for the invention of uniforms - taking at least one stressful decision out of the morning routine. But what about the evenings?

The minimalist trend has really taken off this year, so why not apply it to the kids' weekday after-school wardrobes? Section off an area in the wardrobe and only keep versatile leggings, trackies, and tees. The trick is to keep this area to 15/20 items (it's harder than it sounds!) and only choose from these items during the week.

At the weekend, dress up and go wild.

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5. Rotating Menu

A bit like the capsule wardrobe - this is a great one for avoiding decision fatigue. Once you have a stockpile of meals that are quick, healthy and unanimously popular - you can pull together a two week dinner 'rota' and refer to the super-handy recipe section on for inspiration!

Less time shopping, less time deciding/arguing, more time to chill.

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