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20th Dec 2016

These Are The Top Food Trends to Watch Out for in Dublin in 2016


Our food and drink culture is constantly shifting, moving and evolving.

Whether here to stay or just flashes in the oil-free griddle, here are the things to watch out for over the next year

Tech-driven dining

Just as it has done for almost every industry, technology marches on for the food industry, and is going to leave it changed utterly by 2017.

Cheaper, faster, smartphone-based delivery apps will make ordering meals at any time of the day a normal thing to do, while uberEats is already a thing in the US and Paris. Loyalty cards and rewards go digital, while smartphone ordering will make its way into more than just coffee shops

1 Uber Eats

Korean food

“I think we will see more people demanding heathy food, and a move away from from the heavy cuisine saturated with butter, salt and sugar. Also juice diets and detoxes will be all the craze, although I’ve been doing it myself for years!

“Regarding ethnic food, Korean cuisine seems to be all the rage in London/New York, so I’m sure it will follow here as always! Plus we do a lot of Korean-influenced food like Kimchi. We make our own which is aged for months before use.”

– Conor Dempsey, Amuse Restaurant.

2 Korean Food 1

The continued rise of pickling and fermenting

“We will see a big NO NO to refined salt and sugars in food. People will opt for natural sugars and search for a substitute like in fermented, smoked or pickled ingredients.”

– Robert Jacob, Jacob’s Crackers Guide

A positive and lasting by-product of the paleo craze, fermented vegetables are chocked full of nutrients and enzymes that make it easier to digest minerals from foods.

There are a few spots, such as the Fumbally that do their own in-house fermenting, while smoked and pickled meats, vegetables or fish are becoming a staple of starts, mains and desserts

3 Pickles

Vegan/plant protein

Indeed in the search for clean, healthy food, veganism is emerging as a saviour.

With so many people already doing Veganuary, and with a disturbing abundance of horrific animal-cruelty videos, and articles linking animal farming to climate change, many foodies will be turning to sustainable vegan lifestyles.

2016 will be the year of plant protein menus.

4 Vegan 1

Home-brewed coffee

“We believe the biggest trend in the world of coffee in Dublin in 2016 will be the growth of the home brewer – the consumer who has grown to appreciate the week-day quality and efforts of their local speciality coffee shop – and who is no longer prepared to compromise on that quality over the weekend.” – Karl Purdy, Coffeeangel

Dublin takes its coffee seriously these days, and not just in coffee shops. Spots like Coffeeangel, Joe’s and other specialists sell not only the coffee and the equipment, but advice and ideas.

Brewing classes, cupping sessions and coffee-making lessons continue to pop up across the country too.

5 Coffee Brewing 1

Poke bowls

Just as ramen begins to make it onto our regular meal rotation, the world of quick and healthy food bowls moves ever onwards. Next on everyone’s wishlist will be Hawaiian dish poke (poke-ay, as in pokemon). Poke is ahi tuna in a marinade of soy sauce, seaweed, sesame and onion, but recipes vary pretty wildly.

A bowl of raw, fresh, mouth-watering ingredients that looks stunning but is simple and quick – it’s no wonder that ‘pokerias’ are the burrito-bar of the future.

6 Poke 1

Casual/unique dining experiences

“Given the overwhelming response we’ve had to our casual dining offering, I would love to see a further move away from the more formal dining and more emphasis on the quality of the experience which isn’t just about the food but offering a special experience!” – James Boland, Brother Hubbard

Is it still to early to say that Dublin is now loosening its post-recession belt a little?

With new high-quality eateries opening in the city every day, our restaurant culture is stronger than ever, but just as with our coffee, we are beginning to look for something a bit more out of dining out. Casual dining has been a huge success, and we can expect to see the rise of new places offering new experience.

7 James Garrett Brother Hubbards 1