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17th Jun 2020

Top Irish photographer Evan Doherty gives us some amazing tips

Brian Dillon

Top Irish photographer Evan Doherty gives us some amazing tips (2)

Well-known Irish photographer Evan Doherty gives us his top tips and inside tricks.

Huawei has launched an amateur photo competition for Huawei users. People from all over the world are being invited to spread the positive power of creativity through the medium of photography.

The most powerful images by those with a Huawei phone will be selected by some of the world’s leading photography experts. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as an amazing photographer or visual story-teller, then this is an incredible opportunity to grab. This is the world’s biggest smartphone photography competition, after all.

To give you a fix of photography inspiration, we caught up with Evan Doherty about the do’s and don’ts of taking the perfect photograph.

Top Irish photographer Evan Doherty gives us some amazing tips

When asked for his top tips on what you should do, Evan said:

“Experimentation is key. Shoot what you love and enjoy shooting, whether that’s portraits, landscapes, fashion or street photography. If you are consistent and learn your craft it will become more natural.

“Use natural light where possible. Light is the foundation of photography and natural light conditions can have an effect on the overall look of your images.

“Use the rule of the thirds when shooting landscapes. Don’t leave too much empty space above, below or around the image.

“Get up early to shoot landscapes and catch the sunrise.

“Take time to also play around with night shooting, I have been using the Huawei P40 Pro to capture incredible low-light shots.

“When shooting portraits focus on the eyes, they are the windows of the soul.

“Sharing your work and discussing it with others is a great way to improve. Enter photography competitions like Huawei’s Next-Image to show off your creativity by capturing images for each category. You can also get inspiration for your next photography project from other entrants.”

Top Irish photographer Evan Doherty gives us some amazing tips

He also great some great advice on the don’ts of capturing the most inspiring images:

“Don’t worry about what everyone else is shooting, and don’t necessarily follow trends.

“Shoot for you, don’t just shoot for the likes.

“Don’t spend too much time overshooting. If you have the shot move on.

“Don’t over-process your images. Subtle retouching is nice.

“Don’t overcomplicate it, sometimes simplicity is key.”

Top Irish photographer Evan Doherty gives us some amazing tips

If you want to hear more great tips from Evan Doherty then make sure to check out Lovin Dublin’s Instagram stories this Friday, June 26 when Evan will be answering some of your photography questions.

Are you interested in taking part in The Huawei Next-Image 2020 campaign and being in with the chance of winning prizes of up to $10,000?

Of course you do. There is also the opportunity to win fabulous Huawei prizes such as Huawei’s latest flagship device, the Huawei P40 Pro.

The closing date for entries is Friday, July 31. So grab your Huawei phone and get capturing the beauty in everyday life. During incredibly testing times, Huawei Next Image 2020 aims to inspire and spread the positivity to be found in the little things.

When entering you will automatically be added to a weekly draw to win either Huawei Freebuds 3i or a Watch GT2e, and your photo might be showcased on Lovin’s Instagram stories. You can enter through Huawei’s website here. You can also share your most creative captures on Instagram with the hashtag #huaweinextimageie.

All of the above images were taken by Evan Doherty on a Huawei phone.

Feature image via Evan Doherty on Twitter.