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28th Feb 2018

Wanna Bag An Office Catering Package With Mao At Home For You And Your Work Crew?


Sad sandwiches and boring veggie soup aren’t exactly the most exciting way to break up an eight-hour work day in the office, are they?

Bonding over batch loaf bread and coleslaw just doesn’t have the same thrill as when you and your work buddies treat yourselves to a lip-smacking, drool-inducing lunch that’s packed with colour and heaps of flavour to boot, although that’s a treat that’s usually only reserved for pay-day…

Well, what if we told you that you could win a FREE catering package for you and five of your soon-to-be-full-of-Asian-grub work crew?

Mao at Home want to save your lunch by delivering heaps of their healthy and tasty Thai dishes straight to your office so that you and the gang can chow down on authentic  and – best of all – healthy options that will be the topic of conversation around the water cooler all week.

Each Mao dish delivers the real flavours of Asian cuisine and there’s so many amazing options to choose from… Will you go with the Kung Pao Spare Ribs in their deliciously sticky sauce, the Black Pepper Beef with fluffy Jasmine Rice or the Thai Green Curry that will add some welcome warmth to your belly in this upcoming cold snap?

Imagine the hero’s welcome you would get when dishes like these arrive at the office…

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Salivating yet? Yep, we thought so.

With a menu which proves that a dish can be both flavoursome and healthy dishes at the same time, the Asian restaurant is one to turn to for your next guilt-free takeaway.

All you have to do to be in with the chance of winning an office catering package for you and five work buds with Mao at Home is tag someone you’d share it with in the comment section below.

Best of luck!