Wanna Do Your Office Party The Easy Way? Here Are 9 Places That Deliver Christmas Meals Straight To Your Door

We wish you a very dish-mas.

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Christmas parties can be stressful at the best of times. Whether it's the venue, dress code or simply trying to side-step the inebriated intern, they can easily become more of a chore than anything.

But that doesn't have to be the case. How about ordering in some top notch grub to your door and avoiding the ghastly middle man? You save money, time and the energy it takes to round up the troop of merry men you call your colleagues to be in the one place at the one time – which is decidedly harder than it should be.

Here's how you do it...

1. Dillingers

Dillingers has built up a sterling reputation over the past few years, and how could it not?

Whether you're keen for finger food like their sumptuous popcorn chicken, or proper hearty meals like this sirloin steak with all the trimmings, Dillingers is sure to put a smile on your colleagues' faces, and leave a lasting impression afterwards.

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2. Carluccio's

Carluccio's is Dublin's answer to, well, Italy – and with a huge range of vegetarian dishes as well as meaty options, you'll never be stuck for choice when it comes to feeding a crowd.

The hotspot also boasts platters for days and hundreds of sweet treats that look almost too good to eat. Almost.

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3. Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard have taken a new approach to cooking classic dishes, by adding new flavours and styles to already well-loved tastes. And they seem to be upping the ante this Christmas with a wild selection of new meals to satisfy any foodie.

Pictured below is their take on a winter's meal – Swedish meatballs with a cranberry sauce, Jansson's Temptation, braised red cabbage & a kale, walnut, pomegranate salad, served with a wild mushroom stew for the vegetarians. Also pictured are some of their new festive treats...

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4. Red Torch Ginger

Thai food is fast becoming everyone's new favourite, and Red Torch Ginger is one of the best spots in Dublin to grab some top quality Asian dishes.

RTG's motto is 'Balance, Detail and Variety' – and man do they deliver (wheyyyy!) on that.

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5. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

There's just nothing quite like a burger, is there. Simple, yet revolutionary. And when it comes to proper mind-blowing burgers, GBK don't mess around.

They hand-craft their decadent creations, with the option to serve with their seasoned, speciality fries. An offer nobody can refuse.

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6. Unicorn Restaurant

Unicorn has always boasted some of the finest Mediterranean meals in The Pale, and their new menu only reassures that.

Whether you're feeding veggies or carnivores, foodies or old-fogies – and let's face it, most offices are a combination of all of the above – Unicorn has something amazing for everyone.

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7. Leo Burdock's Chipper

Since the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, it has been understood now that Burdocks is Ireland's best chipper.

They bring a certain je ne sais quoi to the classic meal, using only the finest Irish produce. Everyone should sample their chips with crispy bits at least once in their lifetime, sensational stuff.

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8. Little Ass Burrito Bar

Little Ass has quickly become one of Dublin's favourite burrito haunts, not an easy feat in a sea of Mexican food.

With their natural approach and huge range of tasty dishes, as well as genuinely deadly gluten free and paleo options, it's not hard to see why they're claiming the title of best burritos in town.

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9. Pacino's

People who say they don't like Italian food are just lying to themselves. Everyone adores Italian food, and by default that means everyone loves Pacino's.

Pacino's hand make their sauces, dressings, doughs and breads every single day - living by the mantra that fresh is best. Well, they're certainly not wrong. While their pizzas and pastas are some of the best you'll ever have, their hors-d'oeuvres completely deserve a round of applause too. Take a bow, Pacino's, take a bow.

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