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13th Sep 2018

We Have a Winner! James Kavanagh and Holly Carpenter Went Head To Head In a Cheesy Cook-Off

Megan Cassidy

The cheese-obsessed people of Dublin have come together to choose their cheesy champion.

(Try saying that quickly five times!)

The weather is finally cooling down, and we’re starting to fantasise about yummy warming comfort foods – and nothing says ‘Autumn Soul Food’ like melted cheese.

Cheese is one of those game-changing ingredients that’s always in the fridge and can turn any meal into something really delicious.

Anyone who follows Lovin Dublin will know we have a cheese obsession, so to celebrate our love of all things cheesy, we teamed up with Kilmeaden to bring you the ultimate cheesy cook-off.

Fellow cheese obsessives James Kavanagh and Holly Carpenter went head to head to compete with their own signature cheesy specials, using award-winning Kilmeaden cheddar cheese for that distinct, robust taste that comes from 50-years of perfecting the fillet of cheddar.

James went for ‘Smoked Haddock Smokies’, while Holly opted to whip up a ‘Ham-and-Cheese French-Toastie’.

James Kavanagh’s Smoked Haddock Smokies

Holly Carpenter’s Cheese-and-Ham French Toastie

And the winner, as chosen by our readers, is…



Congratulations James, you are the official champion of cheese.

Now, when are you having us all round to try these smokies?