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23rd Aug 2019

We Got A First Look At The Stylish House Of Peroni 2019

Brian Dillon

Since it was announced earlier this year that The House Of Peroni would be returning to Dublin for its fourth instalment, we have been really excited to get a glimpse at what this year has to offer. And lads, we were not disappointed.

This year saw three Irish collaborators join a creative council, which consisted of twelve highly talented individuals from around the world, who all headed to Puglia, Italy for some inspiration.

Among the three Irish creatives was Róisín Lafferty, who transformed Royal Hibernian Academy into a super chic and stylish venue, inspired by typical Puglianese aesthetics like “refined arches, understated whites and glistening jewel seascapes.”

Once you walk in the entrance, you’ll see the reception which features a structure designed by Róisín.

House Of Peroni design 2

And once you pass that, you’ll be met with more amazing Puglianese-inspired design.

House Of Peroni design 1

The House of Peroni also sees Kev Freeney of Algorithm create an immersive, intriguing audio-visual experience.

As you walk down the steps, on the left is an audio-visual installation by Algorithm inspired by the architecture of Puglia featuring water at the bottom. And beside it, you can find info on how the fascinating installation was created.

There’s also a room dedicated to the creative council, with various installations including an immersive mirrored DJ booth featuring sounds and music inspired by Puglia.

And of course, The House Of Peroni features some delicious Puglianese-inspired food, with a tasting menu created by Killian Crowley, chef de partie at Galway Michelin star restaurant Aniar. The dining experience is the only part of The House of Peroni.

Killian used Irish produce to put together some gorgeous Puglianese style dishes such as Orecchiette al ragu, monkfish and lemon, and fennel and yoghurt, to name a few.

He also created a Peroni-flavoured Gelato especially for The House of Peroni.

Guests can also expect to enjoy two special Peroni infusions for The House of Peroni this year – Libera Lungo and Two Row Trulli, which were developed by Peroni’s Global Master Bartender, Simone Caporale.

To experience the style and excitement of House Of Peroni for yourself, book your place at The Dining Experience here or simply head down and check it out while you still can.

The House Of Peroni is strictly over 18s, and requires no booking, other than the dining experience.