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02nd Jul 2019

We Just Found The Drink Of The Summer! Ireland’s First Range Of Canned Cocktails Looks Unbelievably Good

Brian Dillon

Summer is most definitely the best time of the year to sip away on a delicious cocktail or two. And since the days are longer and brighter and everyone seems to be whipping out the BBQ, we are pretty buzzed about this new cocktail range.

Ireland now has its very own range of gorgeous canned cocktails. I think this is going to make our summer sipping way handier.

Glassbox Spirits, from the family behind Boann Distillery in Drogheda, recently launched their canned cocktail range which includes Gin and Tonic, Vodka with Cranberry and Soda, and Pink Gin and Tonic.

The brand new concoctions are made with premium distilled spirits and contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or sweeteners, so you know it’s good stuff that’s only made just down the road.

The cans are on sale all over the country, starting at €3 per can or €10 for four cans on promotion.

Mixologist Don Crowley came up with the formula for the cocktails.

He explained how the convenient new canned drinks fill a gap in the market: “It has been great fun developing this new range as it fills a gap in the market for great tasting, great looking premium ready to drink cocktails that are convenient classics.

“The great taste was our number one priority and we are delighted with the results.”

And while the cocktails are 100% Irish-made with no artificial additives, the cans are also infinitely recyclable.

These cans would be ideal at a festival because there’s no glass or plastic involved. You can just enjoy the cocktail in the can as is. Stunning!

And the cans mean that no sunlight or air gets into the cocktail, so your drink stays colder for longer and doesn’t lose any of its taste.

Glassbox also recently added a whiskey, ginger and lime to their range, and they are also developing a vodka, soda and lime, an espresso martini, and a bloody mary.

Sure they’re practically summer in a can.