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06th Sep 2017

These 24 Irish Wedding Photographs Might Make You Want To Get Married Immediately


Your wedding day will be the most special day of your life, so you need to make sure that it’s captured correctly.

If your big day is on the horizon, or if you’re just one of those people who likes to plan well in advance, then you need to start researching wedding photographers in Ireland. 

We asked six wedding photographers to explain what makes them unique and why you should pick them to capture your big day. Each of these shutterbugs are also giving away a bunch of prizes over on our Instagram this week, so be sure to check that out.

See what these photographers had to say and take a good look at some weddings they’ve captured in the past…

Darek Novak

“I’m not just another wedding photographer using an overpriced piece of plastic. I live in the West of Ireland but work all over the country, dividing my time between family and art. I’m currently expressing ideas through photographs. I’m free of any particular style because, for me, you need to be capable of mixing it up in order to find simple solutions in different wedding scenarios. 

“I believe that honesty, simplicity, good dialogue with couples and, above all, hard work are the key to creating strong, lasting and remarkable photographs.”

For more info, visit Darek Novak’s websiteFacebook and Instagram.

Rafal 4
Rafal 5
Rafal 6

Rafal Borek

“One of my great joys as a wedding photographer is
collaborating with couples from all over Ireland to
chronicle the most beautiful day of their lives. 
career grew out of my love for travelling and my passion
for telling stories through the lens of a camera. 

“There is
nothing which sparks beauty and creative energy like a
couple in love set against the raw, wild Irish landscape.
Being able to establish a comfortable relationship with
the bride and groom is my highest priority as their
photographer. It enables me to live within their story
and document their wedding in an authentic,
unobtrusive way. By blending into the background with
my camera, I can capture the candid moments and
unique angles which give dimension to each couple’s
personal love story. 

“From hairdos and makeup to solemn forever vows and
the celebratory smiles which follow, I will capture every
aspect of your wedding day, making it utterly exquisite
and unforgettable.”

For more info, visit Rafal Borek’s websiteFacebook and Instagram.

Rafal 1
Rafal 2
Rafal Black And White

Tomasz Kornas

I believe that every couple deserves an amazing wedding day. If a photographer is helping the happy pair to have an amazing day, it really comes across in the photographs. 

“For me, communication with the couples is crucial to my success, listening to their needs, offering them exactly what they need on the actual day. Want to spend five minutes on portraits? Perfect. Want to spend two hours? Perfect!

“Wedding days aren’t about me, they’re about the couples. By caring about the pair and making sure I’m being supportive on the day, I can make the whole experience that little bit better. Many photographers wouldn’t pay attention to that experiential element but, in my opinion, it’s key.

For more info, visit Tomasz Kornas’ websiteFacebook and Instagram.

Thomasz 1
Thomasz 2
Thomasz 3

Pawel Bebenca 

“Documentary photography is my passion. Pointing and clicking at those opportune moments is what I do. I know that your wedding day will be a huge occasion for you, your family and friends. I would love the opportunity to photograph it. 

“I will paint the whole picture of your day and chronicle all of those hidden or forgotten fragments in a natural, honest way. I aim to tell a tale and to document, to capture unique scenes, idiosyncrasies and emotion. At the end you will have a keepsake to last forever. 

“I’ll be with you all day and I guarantee that I won’t miss a thing.”

For more info, visit Pawel Bebenca’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pawel 1
Pawel 2
Pawel 3

Elaine Barker

“I’ve spent the past fourteen years working solely as a professional photographer including commercial, corporate, PR and portraiture work. I’ve had work featured in the Irish Times, Confetti Magazine, One Fab day and various other blogs.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else, I am genuinely absolutely in love with what I do which makes my job so easy. I have a lot of fun at weddings and my energy seems to rub off on my clients so I get natural, genuinely happy photos. I’d like to think my style of photography will withstand the test of time and trends.

“I want to deliver happy, bright, loving and sometimes a little sexy style of photography for you.”

For more info, visit Elaine Barker’s websiteFacebook and Instagram.

Elaine 4
Elaine 5
Elaine 6

IG Studio Photography

“I’m a storyteller. I believe that weddings are something more than just another pretty dress. It’s a unique story that needs to be told. 

“My goal is to create authentic images that will tell your story.
Relaxed, natural and real photography without false and boring or clichéd poses.

“Enjoy your wedding day and let me look after your memories.” 

For more info, visit IG Studio Photography’s websiteFacebook and Instagram.

Ig 1
Ig 2
Ig 3

Nick O’Keeffe

“Mixing modern, documentary-style and traditional wedding photography to create a style that is one-of-a-kind. With this blend of styles and incredible dedication to each and every wedding, I create truly unique wedding photographs that tell the story of your day beautifully and authentically. 

“My relaxed and fun-loving attitude goes a long way to make every couple and their families feel comfortable while still being able to capture even the smallest intimate moments. 

“Nick O’Keeffe Photography is based in Dublin and Kilkenny and is available for weddings, civil ceremonies and engagement portraits nationwide.”

For more info, visit Nick O’Keeffe’s websiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Nick 1
Nick 2
Nick 3

Martina California

“My passion is photography: I had a dream. I wanted to become a full-time photographer. There’s nothing better than working hard to achieve your goals in life, and here I am! 

“My dream became real after really hard work and now it’s time to enjoy doing what I really love: photographing real stories. No matter what gender, age or country. Love is love… and I aim to recognise and capture unrepeatable moments. What moment is more unique than your wedding day?

“I want to capture the spirit of the best day of your life in a unique and offbeat way. If you’re looking for someone with no shortage of crazy suggestions, I’m your photographer.”

For more info, visit Martina California’s websiteFacebook and Instagram.

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