6 Great Bars To Lounge Around In And Watch The All-Ireland Final

Beers and ball

51 Bar

Today's All-Ireland Final will be the conversation on the lips of every one of your co-workers in the morning so you better make sure you know your stuff.

Their are plenty of great pubs in Dublin to choose from to gather round a TV with your mates but narrow down your options we've put together a short list of great pubs that will be showing the match today.

Simply pick one of the following...

1. The Back Page

This is an amazing pub in Phibsborough, with tasty pizzas and ample space to relax and watch the game. 


2. Sam's Bar

This Dawson Street spot shows all the matches on a huge HD projector, so you won't be straining that neck. The atmosphere in here ain't half bad either.


3. JW Sweetman

Perfect if you're around town and looking for somewhere to watch the game, they've a hefty pub grub menu and tonnes of craft beer options too.


4. The 51 Bar

This award winning bar on Haddington Road boasts a whopping 7 HDTV screens spread across the pub, making it ideal for sporting events big and small.

51 Bar

5. Smyth's

This spot in Ranelagh is always overflowing for the big occasions in any sport – and when it gets packed, you realise just how many screens there are in there, and how you can always catch the action no matter where you're perched.


6. The Living Room

Because no sports bar list in Dublin is complete without this place.


Pic: Kevin O'Brien

Are there any other great spots you think should've made the list? Let us know in the comments.

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